Large tablets can sometimes be a handful, requiring two hands to securely hold them.  G-Hold gives you one of your hands back.

Over the past few years, I have become an Apple fan.  All of my devices live in cases and have Apple Care+.  Interestingly, I have yet to break a device, nor a screen and have not had to use my Apple Care+.  My wife, on the other hand, has been a phone serial killer.  She has dropped and stepped on her phone, she has run over one with her car, jumped into a pool with another, our baby destroyed one with slobber and yes, there was a toilet fiasco (again baby related).  Most of the issues that we have faced have dealt with carrying tech and dropping tech.  I have replaced the case on my sons iPad Mini 4 with a MoKo blue EVA case with a handle, for this very reason.  Our iPad Air 2, resting comfortably inside of a Catalyst Case, has also experienced tumbles, usually when walking or when used by my children.  The sides and back are slippery and there needs to be a better way to hold onto the surface.

G-HoldWhile touring CES 2018, in Las Vegas Nevada, I was introduced to G-Hold, a company dedicated to improving your connection with your tablet.  Their device arrived in a flat black 5 inches wide by 5 inches thick by 9/16 inches cardboard retail package.  The front had a circular cutout, allowing you to try the G-Hold apparatus.  The product was designed for use with iPads and other devices, utilizing micro-suction to attach to the back of your tablet or case.  To see how the product works, simply scan the QR code that was conveniently placed along the top left of the back of the packaging.  You will learn about the suction technology, the included attach-anywhere sticker, the rotatable 360-degree G-Hold device to securely hold your tablet and the ability to fold the holder flat.

Installation proved to be incredibly easy.  Once removed from the packaging, I simply peeled the back protective film off of the G-Hold device and then placed it onto the clean, clear, back of my Catalyst iPad Air 2 case.  It was recommended to press the G-Hold firmly onto the surface for at least 10-20 seconds, to make sure that the suction was strong.  Once attached, the clip conveniently rested flat against the surface of my Catalyst case.  When ready to utilize the extra grip, you can spread your fingers and slide them under the G-Hold apparatus.  The iPad was able to spin freely in my hand and it provided an additional grip to reduce the chances of dropping the tablet.  The extra holding surface allowed for one-handed operation.  Instead of gripping the iPad with my index finger and thumb or with all of the fingers of both hands, you can now hold a full-sized iPad with a single hand and have your other hand free to utilize the device.

I did not need the included sticker, as the G-Hold affixed securely to my tablet case.  In fact, I was surprised at how well the device attached to the surface.  The company sells a secondary item called G-Hold Megastick, which is permanent.  When I applied the G-Hold micro-suction to my iPad case, I thought that I had accidentally installed the Megastick device.  I was even more unhappy with the initial location of placement.  Using the tip of a butter knife, I was able to gently lift the G-Hold suction away from the case and noted that there was no damage, nor was there any residue on my case.  The ability to quickly change between vertical and horizontal viewing is a huge advantage over this kit.  The ability to ergonomically hold an iPad and to utilize an iPad with a single hand provided the overall strength of this device.  The 4 5/16 inch diameter black device adds only a minimal amount of weight to your tablet at 1.4 ounces.

G-Hold device
I applied and reapplied the device 10 times without washing it.  After about the eighth application, I was able to pull the suction cup off of the iPad case with much less force.  Washing the surface of my iPad Air 2 case with Woosh, letting it dry, washing the suction cup with mild soap and water and letting it dry reactivated the device for stronger suction.  If you place the device into your fingers and press against the surface of the tablet, it will separate the suction.  The device may not be ideal for larger hands as the gap between the iPad and the G-Hold grip is only about 1 inch tall.  To test the device further, I held the iPad screen down and shook up and down.  The suction cups did not fail, did not move and the iPad remained securely in my hand.  Unlike a pop socket, this device will not serve as a screen kickstand, as it collapses with any weight application.  Perhaps a future device would include a lock, which could allow the G-Hold to double as a pop socket kickstand.  Since the grip will fold flat, it will slide easily into a bag/backpack.

The device really does feel like a flip-flop for your hand and proved to be very comfortable.  I would rate the device at 5/5 stars.

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