FX Photo Studio Pro Update iOS Review:

Version update includes 3D effects for photos.

FX Photo Studio Pro Update iOS Review 3Having delved into digital photography and using my iPhone more often as a primary camera, I have become quite familiar with photo editing on my phone as well. One of the best tools around for stylizing your mobile photos is FX Photo Studio Pro from MacPhun.

FX Photo Studio Pro is the biggest collection of photo filter effects available for iOS. It includes stickers, borders, fonts, textures and frame effects to make the most out of your photos. Recently, MacPhun released an update to version 6.4 that includes some amazing new 3D effects. There are five new effects that include:

  • B&W 3D
  • CMYK
  • Red and Green
  • Bokeh
  • 3D Glitche

FX Photo Studio Pro Update iOS Review 4These effects were added into this version after the popular Cinema 3D effect from previous versions of FX Photo Studio. In addition to these new 3D effects, the developers added in eight more hand-drawn stickers.

In testing out the new effects options, I found them to be fun and unique. The B&W 3D, CMYK, and Red and Green effects are locked out, but unlocked by simply following MacPhun on Twitter.

FX Photo Studio Pro continues to be an extremely clean, wonderful to use app for editing digital photos. I believe that any digital photographers should have this in their toolkit. It retails for $2.99 and has different effect packages can be purchased as add-ons.

For more information, visit http://macphun.com/iosapps.

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