A quality wireless charger with style

FUSEchicken is one of these companies you don’t see a bunch of products being just tossed at the wall to see what sticks. They, in my opinion, take the time to create some truly unique devices like there stainless steel braided Lightning cables. When I was approached to check out the new wireless chargers I knew that they would be designed with thought behind them.


The Gravity Lift is a premium wireless charging stand. It features a leather contact base along with aluminum construction in a sturdy vertical charging stand. It’s meant to work in both personal and professional settings and upholds the industry standard with wireless charging. The stand is compatible with iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note as well as most other Qi-enabled phones. Gravity Lift has a multi-coil for hassle-free positioning of charging devices. The stand only comes in one color option – silver stand with a black leather charging pad. It’s a sleek, elegant-looking stand.

FUSEchicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charger REVIEW


The Gravity Lift arrives in a classic branded cardboard display box. There is a transparent window on the front so that you can see the product inside. The box is cut in the shape of the stand instead of a straight rectangle or square. There are images of the stand on the sides of the box and on the back. Some minimal details about the product are included on the box and no further instructions are included along with the stand.

I do like the design of the stand. It has a very classy look to it and the attached cable makes it easy to connect to any type of outlet. I charged my iPhone X for a little over an hour and ended up gaining 35% battery, which is the equivalent of approximately 0.5% battery gain per minute. That amount of battery gain is about half of what you would get with a wired connection. WIth the iPhone X, you can expect to get that amount of charge on a wireless charger. If it were compatible with fast charging (using a wall adapter), then it would be more like charging the phone using a Lightning cable.

FUSEchicken Gravity Lift Wireless Charger REVIEW

One thing I was extraordinarily surprised about was that there was hardly any heat detected from the surface of the iPhone or the surface of the charger. I have noticed that quite a bit with wireless chargers that they will heat up to above 90º, but with the FUSEChicken Gravity Lift, there were no perceived heat problems from the charging experience.


Since I’ve acquired the iPhone X I have been on the search for the ideal wireless charger. Even though I tried out at least half a dozen of the pad-style chargers, I’ve found that I much prefer the vertical stand style like the Gravity Lift. This charger is a very capable accessory for any user. I think it would work very well in an office setting where you can just drop your phone on the charger for the day and know that it will always have power when you need it to. I continue to have the highest regard for FUSEChicken and their products. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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