The toughest Lightning Cable around. INCREDIBLY STRONG. INCREDIBLY FLEXIBLE.

FuseChicken ARMOUR Charge Cable REVIEWI have a love-hate relationship with cables. I love non-tangle cables, short cables, flat cables and really anything but the default cable from Apple. I just hate how badly it tangles and gets in my way. Enter [FUSE] Chicken the magical company who has a knack for designing cables that will not only last but could be used to defend yourself in a fight. No, seriously it’s that strong.

ARMOUR Charge is built to be durable and withstand the typical fraying issues that regular cables experience. It’s made with industrial-grade cable and intricately wrapped in 100% stainless steel. This makes the cable extremely tough and hard to break. With the cable being reinforced for strength, what about the plug ends? Well, they also have some extra strength built-in. The Lighting and USB ends are permanently sealed with aluminum housings. Those housings are fused over the electronics and metal cabling to ensure that it will remain durable with regular use.

FuseChicken ARMOUR Charge Cable REVIEW

The cable is available in either 1-meter or 2-meter lengths and it’s MFi certified to work with iPods, iPhones, and iPads. I have been testing it quite a bit and have used it with my iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, and iPad Air 2. I’ve found that it works very well with each device. It’s not meant to be a quick-charging cable, but rather a cable that won’t disintegrate the more you use it. I’ve tossed this cable into my carry-all bag on more than one occasion and used it frequently and it’s not showing any visible signs of wear and tear.

ARMOUR is the strongest MFi Lightning cable on the market today. [FUSE] Chicken makes the best cables around in my opinion. This cable will last longer than any device ever will.

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