Armour Travel Lightning Charge Keychain – Never forget your charger again

I cannot express how truly frustrated it makes me when I am out somewhere and realize I forgot my charger.  I’ve done multiple things to ensure that I don’t wind up somewhere sans charger.  Really, that just means I purchased enough to strategically place around like leaving one in my car, making sure there was one for just my desk, next to my bed, one for my purse, one for my backpack.  The problem is they would never stay there for long.  I now how a fool proof way to ensure my phone will not die (assuming there’s an electrical outlet or USB port).  The Fuse Chicken Armour Travel lighting cable keychain is what I needed from the start.

Fuse Chicken Armour Travel Lightning Charge Keychain

After I unboxed I was so happy with the size and weight of the silver aluminum casing.  I decided to attach it to my car key that I carry by itself attached to a FOB keychain.  I don’t like carrying all my keys for various things around with me at all times, but the car key I must have.  I commute a lot and it makes sense to put it with the one thing I must have in order to leave to drive somewhere.  It’s a perfect size and the silver aluminum makes it stand out so I can find my key easily.  Inside the casing is the 5-inch MFI iPhone lighting to USB cable.  Yes, that is a tiny size and leaves little room to be able to use it while it’s charging, but it’s ensuring my iPhone 7 Plus won’t have a dead battery.

Fuse Chicken Armour Travel Lightning Charge Keychain

I have had no issues with the Armour Travel charge at all.  Overall it is very convenient for use on a daily basis.  It will be able to take a hit as well thanks to the Fuse Chicken high quality and tough charges.  I feel reassured that 100% stainless steel strands that protect the wires inside won’t break.  It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so the company is backing its product.  I officially won’t be caught somewhere without the Fuse Chicken Armour Travel keychain unless I lose my key.

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