Funcl Wireless Headphones

10 Funcl Wireless Headphones REVIEW


  • Comfortable
  • Long battery life/charging case
  • Premium quality sound


  • Headphones did not have automatic pausing feature
Ease of Use

Exceptional wireless headphone at an affordable price.

One of my favorite accessories is my Apple AirPods. They go with me everywhere. I love being able to put them in and listen to audio wherever I go. I’ve always had trouble finding wireless earbuds that fit my ears well. Headphones are either too tight making them uncomfortable to wear for any length of time or they don’t produce good sound. It’s been a struggle for me until I met the Apple AirPods. The problem I’ve found recently is that the AirPods have started showing their age. I’ve had them for about a year and a half and I use them every single day — for hours at a time. They used to be the best way to listen to music, watch videos, or answer phone calls with my iPhone. Now, they cut in and out on phone calls and I end up having to pull them out of my ears at the request of the person I’m conversing with. I would replace them, but at $159, the AirPods aren’t a cheap investment. Fortunately, headphone designer Funcl has brought two new sets of wireless earphones to market — the Funcl W1 and the Funcl AI.

Funcl Wireless Headphones REVIEW


The Funcl W1 are true wireless headphones that feature Bluetooth 5.0, a 16-hour battery, touch controls, and an ergonomic design. They come with a charging case, short Micro USB cable for charging, several sizes of ear gels, and a quick start guide. When you first get the headphones out of the packaging, you are instructed to charge them in their case using the provided USB cable. The headphones have a small LED indicator light on the tip of the earphone body. It will flash red when it’s battery is low or if it’s charging in its case. When they are done charging, the LED will turn off. The light might also be white. This indicates that the headphones are in use or if it’s flashing white, ready for pairing. The charging case also has an LED indicator that indicates the headphones are charging or the case needs charging itself.

Once the headphones are paired the first time, they should remain paired to your phone or other mobile devices. The user guide has a nice diagram of the touch controls available with the W1 headphones. Each earpiece has its own commands based on the number of taps you give it. I rather like having the ability to control your headphone functions directly from the earbuds themselves rather than having to have a voice assistant to do the task for you. The headphones will automatically turn on/off when they are placed into or removed from the charging case. One thing I noticed rather quickly with these headphones is that they do not automatically stop the track you are listening to when you take an earbud out of your ear. You actually have the option of listening to one earbud exclusively rather than having to have both in your ears at all times.

Funcl Wireless Headphones REVIEW

Aside from the basic functions of the headphones, I found them to be quite enjoyable to use. For starters, they are comfortable to wear. The shape of the earbuds makes it possible for the base of the earpiece to rest in the outer ear. I found them to be quite stable while doing most activities. I didn’t have any issues with the earbuds falling out of my ears. Even though the original ear gels seemed to fit me fine, I swapped them out for the smallest ones and the earbuds fit me even better at that point.

Sound quality is above average in my opinion. I end up using a lot of earbuds that have a hollow sound. Sometimes this is due to a poor fit. I was really happy with the sound quality that the W1 earphones produced. They don’t have a super bass boost, but they do have a rich, full sound. I think one of the most exceptional things about this set of earbuds is that it is only $19. Most earbuds of this style retail for well over $100.

Funcl Wireless Headphones REVIEW


The Funcl AI are extremely comfortable Bluetooth headphones that are designed for mobile gamers. They feature aptX Hi-Fi sound, a 24-hour battery life, low latency (60ms), and a custom AI Assistant (through the Funcl app). The headphones are powered by the Qualcomm smart audio chip which makes it a great companion for mobile gamers. The battery life is broken down into 6.5 hours of playtime and 3 extra chargers from the charging case. Just like the W1 model earbuds, the AI headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 and touch controls. They are rated IPX5 for water resistance and they include CVC 8.0 noise cancellation.

The Funcl AI headphones have very similar operations to the W1. The touch controls are a bit sensitive. For example, there were a couple of times that I tried to place them into or take them out of my ears and I tapped the control area starting music up again. This was frustrating for a number of reasons. First, I’m used to my Apple AirPods automatically pausing audio and the Funcl AI headphones do not do that. So they could theoretically stay connected to your mobile device and continue playing music or keep you from being able to answer the phone from the handset.

Funcl Wireless Headphones REVIEW

The Funcl AI headphones have the same unique design as the Apple AirPods. The microphone hangs down so that you can get the best possible reception for phone conversations and gaming events. I found the headphones to be quite comfortable, but they seemed to fit in my ears loosely. I never had a problem with them falling out of my ears, but I did feel that they were not as secure as the W1 headphones were. The sound quality is above average just like the W1. Music is clear and has depth, but it did come out sounding a little tinny to me. Overall, I was very happy with their performance.


The Funcl W1 and AI headphones are exceptionally wonderful options for listening to music and other types of audio from your mobile device. They break the mold when it comes to price. The W1 is only $19 while the AI model is $54. The headphones are easy to use and they really set a good example for budget headphones. Funcl just opened up an Indiegogo campaign to launch the product. There are some great deals for backers and with the holidays approaching, either of these headphones would make a great gift for someone.

Prices for the Funcl headphones through the Indiegogo Campaign are as follows:

  • Funcl W1: $19
  • Funcl AI: $54
  • Funcl W1 * 1PCS + Funcl AI * 1 PCS: $72
  • Funcl W1 * 2PCS + Funcl AI * 2 PCS: $139

Funcl has provided a secret perk for MacSources readers. Simply click here and receive an additional discounted price of $49 for the Funcl AI. This is limited to the first 10 units sold.

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