Fullmosa iPad Air 2 Smart Cover stands up against its Apple predecessor.

I have always kept my iPad in cases. I just feel like if you invest in a device like this, you should protect it. In the time that I’ve been an iPad owner (4 years), I’ve used a wide variety of cases. Some with keyboards, some without; some with a magnetic closure; some that are just padding – and I would consider myself very well-versed in what kind of cases there are available. One type of case I’ve never actually owned personally is the Apple Smart Cover, or Smart Case. The case always seemed too much because of its cost and because it was a solid color all the way around. And, the Smart Cover wasn’t enough for me because the back didn’t have enough protection. Fortunately, there are a lot of third party replicas out there, like this one from Fullmosa.

Fullmosa iPad Air 2 Smart Cover Review 2

This Smart Cover replica has the same magnetic cover as the Apple version and the same slim case for the back like Apple Smart Case, but this version has a clear backing. Well, it’s a smokey grey color, but you can clearly see the Apple logo on the back of the iPad Air 2. The cover part operates the same way as the Apple version. The on/off function operates well, and you can fold the cover so that your iPad is supported with a stand. All of the ports and buttons are easily available – no overlapping from the hard shell case – and there is even a vent built into the back so that you iPad doesn’t retain too much heat from be in a case.

Fullmosa iPad Air 2 Smart Cover Review 3

I’ve been using this Fullmosa Smart Cover for a couple of weeks now and actually find myself using my iPad more now that it’s in such an accessible case. It’s easy to handle and the case is actually slim enough that the iPad will fit into pouches that usually don’t accommodate cases. This is a very nice multi-functional case for the iPad Air 2 and it seems to be holding up well under daily use. The Fullmosa iPad Air 2 Smart Cover is offered for around $10 on Amazon, which is much less expensive than the Apple version.


Fullmosa iPad Air 2 Smart Cover Review 4