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This past weekend I helped to plan and set-up a teenager’s birthday party (my fiancé’s daughter). We rented a room at a local water park and let the kids swim and play on the water slides all day. We had access to the indoor air-conditioned room as well as an outdoor deck that overlooked the main pool area. I decided it was the perfect place for the FUGOO Style-S Bluetooth Speakers because you can pair two speakers together to cover more area and because they are waterproof.

FUGOO Style-S Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Style-S is a very hearty speaker. I already mentioned that it’s waterproof, but I haven’t brought up that it’s also shockproof and dust/mud/snow proof. The speaker can also float. Basically, it’s ideal for a get together where there is the possibility of rowdy guests. Because of my experience with FUGOO speakers in the past, I knew the Style-S would be perfect for my needs because of how versatile and sturdy they are. FUGOO has another portable speaker called the ‘Style’. The biggest difference between the two speakers is the ability to use two speakers at the same time. The Style can only be used as a single speaker.

FUGOO Style-S Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Style-S really has a lot of nice features to it.

  • Powerful sound – The Style-S has 20 watts of audio, which makes it ideal or any outdoor setting. The speaker has dual full-range drivers (47mm) and dual bass radiators (68mm x 115mm) making it perfect for all types of music. The Style-S can produce up to 93 db of loudness.
  • Lightweight – A single Style-S speaker only weighs 1 pound 7 ounces, which is easy to transport anywhere – especially when you use FUGOO’s mounting accessories. With those, you can attach the speaker to a bike, kayak, tree, fence, volleyball or basketball pole. FUGOO made sure the Style-S could be taken anywhere.
  • Conversation starter – There is a full-duplex speaker phone built into the Style-S so you can feel comfortable answering calls using the speaker without leaving the action. There is an Omni-directional microphone with echo cancellation and background noise reduction, which also makes it perfect for using to start conversations.
  • Voice assistant ready – The Style-S supports Apple Siri and Android Google Now voice control so you can easily play a specific playlist, check games scores, or even order pizza without having your phone.
  • Advanced connectivity – The Style-S uses Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity, which will provide up to 100 feet of connection between the speaker and your mobile device. As I previously mentioned, you can also pair two speakers together for double or stereo mode.
  • Long-life battery – The Style-S speaker can sustain power for up to 15 hours of continuous play at 50% loudness. You charge the speaker using a Micro-USB cable, which is provided. It’s a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which will be fully charged after 3.5 hours.

FUGOO Style-S Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

I was impressed with the speaker before I took it out of the box, but once I got it set up, it was really out of this world. While the Style-S is a wonderful speaker for everyday needs, it really shines in circumstances like mine where you are trying to fill a room with music, but don’t have the option to hard wire something together. Connecting the two speakers isn’t difficult. The instructions are included and easy to follow. One speaker alone has enough power to fill a room with sound, but the two together really make an impact.

FUGOO Style-S Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

I loved having the Style-S speakers available for our gathering. It was ideal to be able to set a proper party mood and know that the speakers would be able to handle the atmosphere. As always, Fugoo speakers put out a clear, crisp quality of sound along with the perfect mixture of deep bass. The only wish I had for these speakers is that they operated their volume separately from the device you are connected to. For example, when you turn up the volume on the speaker, you are really just turning up the volume on the phone. I like speakers that have a separate amplification of sound from the device they are connected to.

FUGOO Style-S Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Style-S is ideal for any group gathering in any environment. If you have the option to get two of them, I would suggest it because you never know when stereo sound can help set the mood.

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