USB Hub a must-have for any owner of multiple devices.

Foxnovo 6-Port USB Hub Review 2With more and more electronics coming out everyday, and my need to have them, I’m always on a quest to charge my devices as soon as possible. I have tried several charging stations that were sub par.

Foxnovo’s smart charging station filled the power supply void in my life in one fell swoop with six USB ports of awesomeness. The look and feel of the station is sleek and small. I, like most people just don’t have room for all kinds of clutter. Before the smart charging station, I was stuck using a surge protector with many different plugs and cords using up my precious space. With six USB slots  supplying 50 watts, my life got a lot less cluttered.

Foxnovo 6-Port USB Hub Review 3All six USB ports are 5 volt and 2.4 amp of fast charging glory. Most of our everyday gadgets are different in every possible way, which makes them  a real pain seeing how they aren’t compatible. Foxnovo’s smart charger charges everything. I have had issues with other charging stations not being able to charge more than two or three devices at once, so right out of the gate, I plugged in six random devices. To my surprise they all charged. It doesn’t matter how big the devices are, it handles the load with out a hiccup. A must have for anyone trying to simplify their life and save some space at the same time.