Never pay for a pricy first-party replacement cable again.

Foxnovo 2-in-1 Lightning + Micro USB Cable Review 3Charging cables are usually not an accessory that needs to be fancy in order to sell. Eventually, the charging cable that comes with most devices will wear out or get lost and then it is time to search for a replacement. This is such a truism that many third-party manufacturers offer their products in two- or three-item bundles. Other manufacturers keep their replacement offerings in single cable packages, but grant each cable a few extra features.

Foxnovo 2-in-1 Lightning + Micro USB Cable Review 4Foxnovo’s 2-in-1 cable is a Micro USB cable first, but comes equipped with a Micro USB to Lightning adapter that attaches to the appropriate end of the cable. This little adapter is mercifully attached to a springy tether in order to avoid losing it when the Micro USB portion of the cable is in use.

The main length of the cable sports a “love it or hate it” flat design. I enjoy flat cables as they generally avoid tangles if they should come apart from their bindings in a backpack or carrying case. Thinner, rounded cables are usually a little easier to wrap up in a tight and compact bundle so your own opinions may vary on which type is the superior.

Foxnovo 2-in-1 Lightning + Micro USB Cable Review 5Since I have a mix of Apple devices that use the lightning cable and other devices that use Micro USB, I could definitely see myself replacing multiple cables in my cord bucket with just a few of these 2-in-1 versions. The available charging tips allow a tech owner confidence in a well-built cable and confidence in the form of increased flexibility of future charging options.

Try one of these cables for yourself and see if you come to the same conclusions!

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