A functional, flexible juice box for all of your thirsty devices

Foxnovo 10400mAh Power Bank Review 3The portable battery market is a crowded one. Manufacturers both big and small offer charging solutions that are, in many instances, very similar to one another. There are so many possibilities that I recommend using a few questions to narrow things down:

How many ports are available on the unit, and what can be charged from said ports? A good charger will have at least two ports available for use and will be able to supply enough power from these ports to power most mobile devices. Any older portable batteries that only output 500mA will no longer be as useful since most devices will expect at least 1A for full-speed charging.

Foxnovo 10400mAh Power Bank Review 4How much charge can the battery itself hold, and what method of charging does it use? If a charger comes with a proprietary charging plug or a unique manufacturer adapter cable for charging the portable battery itself, don’t waste your time. The most useful batteries will use a standard charging port such as USB mini or USB micro and will likely use its own included USB cable as a charging cable. When it comes to charge capacity, bigger is better just so long as it is understood that as the capacity grows so too will the size and (usually) weight of the battery.

After the above questions are used to help narrow down the available choices, there is a good chance that FoxNovo’s 10400mAh Power Bank will be among those that make the cut.

This unit is small and sturdy. It is about the length of an iPhone 4 or 4S and about double the thickness. With the weight of the battery and the metal casing, this portable battery has a comfortable heft. This is a perfectly pocketable battery, though it does have a nice carrying case for the unit itself and the included breakout cable. (The charging cable includes leads for USB micro, USB 3.0, Apple Lightning, and Apple 30-pin.)

Foxnovo 10400mAh Power Bank Review 5Though the battery sports two standard 5V USB charging ports, only one has the ability to charge the more demanding devices at 2.1A. The other port is left with a max output of 1A. Thankfully, the 2.1A port automatically downsteps just fine for any smaller device that would need less amperage. The available ports mean that the portable battery will comfortably charge a phone and tablet at the same time. When charging up the unit own battery, the included breakout cable can be plugged into the front USB micro port.

The available 10400mAh capacity gives this unit the ability to store enough power for multiple full charges on most high-end smartphones or maybe a full charge of a tablet, depending on the model. For some examples, this battery charged an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (their battery sizes are just over 1800mAh and 2900mAh, respectively) several times with juice to spare, but could only summon up about a 70% charge on my venerable 3rd Generation iPad. (Which comes equipped with an 11560mAh battery.) A series of four blue LEDs inform the user of available charge level.

Foxnovo 10400mAh Power Bank Review 6I do think that it is important to call out that the charging speed of this unit is only average. Whether the unit is plugged into a power source in preparation for a trip, or if the internal battery is being discharged as it charges other devices, the manufacturer appears to have slowed things down a little. The charging speed is not terrible and in fact I would speculate that this slower speed is partially responsible for the device’s cool operating temperature. I did not feel any high temps when using this battery.

All in all, this portable battery is a good find. The simple, compact shape of the unit is a good match for anyone interested in a decent amount of battery capacity, plenty of charging flexibility, and a great price. I’ve added this to my go-to bag for any future trips.

For more information, visit http://foxnovo.com/US.