Power Charger provides ample power wherever you go.

If there is one constant these days, it’s this. Power makes the world go round. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of person you are. You more than likely have a device that needs to be connected to a power source throughout the day. My fiance’s grandmother even has a mobile device (an iPad) that she has to plug in at night. No matter how we might try, we are tethered to a power cable that we just cannot break. Fortunately, there are some marvelous breakthroughs in technology that bring us portable battery packs that can provide a charge for most mobile devices. I have several different styles and find that the smaller ones are usually the ones that I carry with me as an emergency backup. The FOXNOV 5000 mAh Portable Charger is a great example of a power bank that you can take with you anywhere.

FOXNOV 5000 mAh Power Charger REVIEW

The portable charger comes with its own charging cable – a short Micro USB cable. This can also be used as an output charging cable for your mobile devices. The battery itself is small – smaller in shape and form than my iPhone 6 – and it only weighs about 4 ounces, which is a full 2 ounces less than the iPhone 6. The battery has one standard USB output charging port and one Micro USB input charging port. There are 4 LED power indicator lights that show how much charge the battery has. The lights are activated once you plug in either an output or input charging cable. This is different from many power banks that require you to press a power button.

When I test a new battery out, I typically look at two main features/functions. First, I look at how quickly the battery charges my device. In this case, I found that it charges about the standard rate of 1% per minute. I used it to charge both my iPhone 6 and a battery case for the phone and didn’t have any problems with it charging either. The second thing I look at is how much the battery heats up during charging. Because it’s a battery and there is a transfer of energy occuring, I would expect there to be some heat on the battery, but there are some that end up being hot to the touch. I am happy to say that the FOXNOV 5000 mAh Power Charger is not one of those power banks. It remained cool and never faultered in function while I was charging my devices. The only other issue I had with the battery was that the USB port was a little tight. I was using a standard Lightning cable to charge my phone and really had to push for it to be inserted into the port.

FOXNOV 5000 mAh Power Charger REVIEW

The FOXNOV 5000 mAh Power Charger is a very capable power bank. It provides quick, easy charging access for your mobile devices and, as its name suggests, it is very portable. Because of its compact size, I do understand why there is only one standard USB charging port, but I would love to see two options for charging at the same time. Other than that, this is a very nice choice for a power bank.

For more information, visit foxnov.com.