Solid app for all photographers.

The best camera is the one that’s with you, and that one is most likely your cell phone. Fotor is an app that allows you to also use your cell phone to edit, embellish, collage, and share your shots.

I’m no photographer, and my photo editing skills are limited to a short PS basics course I took in college, but I found Fotor easy and enjoyable to explore. I say explore because there’s a lot packed into this one application. From finding inspiration for photos to sharing your captured, edited, and/or collaged photos, Fotor has a little something to enhance every step of your mobile photographic process.

Fotor Collage and Effects Editor iOS App REVIEW Fotor Collage and Effects Editor iOS App REVIEW

Taking photos in the app is nothing special, from what I’ve experienced. The collage part offers a wide variety of arrangements for your having-a-lot-of-pictures-in-one-photo needs, with even more available for purchase. The most significant part of the app is its editorial features. There are so many tools and options, from simply enhancing your pics or applying an effect (or filter) to adjusting the focus and color balance, so you can put any level of investment into your photo editing. You can also add frames, text, or stickers to your photos as well, though many of the cooler options are only available through purchase.

That’s a thing with many of Fotor’s features, actually. When editing, the entirety of the Scenes selection is only available if you pay. A dollar for this set of effects. Two for these stickers. Scenes for $0.99. It could really add up if you wanted to use everything Fotor has to offer. Of course, it is very usable still without purchasing anything.

Fotor Collage and Effects Editor iOS App REVIEW Fotor Collage and Effects Editor iOS App REVIEW

Outside of the utility features, Fotor offers daily inspiration images and offers challenges in which you can compete with other users. This community aspect would be nice, I think, for someone who takes photos more for art than straight documentation. I don’t have the eye for it, but I enjoyed idly swiping through photos that others posted. You can also share your photos straight to numerous social media sites from Fotor, which is nice.

Overall, Fotor is a solid app for both casual and more enthusiastic photographers.


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