Fontmania iOS App turns your photos into greeting cards.

I love that we now have the ability to take photos everyday, everywhere we go. It’s there. In the palm of our hands. Our phones become windows to our lives and we are constantly cataloguing our life’s journeys with photos. I can say that personally I take anywhere from 5-10 photos per day. Precious moments are captured and then stored, and sometimes forgotten, within the gigabytes of storage on our mobile devices. What if we could turn them into something other than a still image that only we see? That’s what Fontmania from Apalon Apps does. It let’s your photos do the talking.

Fontmania iOS App Review, Let Your Photos Speak

With Fontmania, you have the ability to add artwork and text to your photos. You can use photos you already have stored on your phone or take brand new photos. Some of the things you can do with Fontmania include:

  • making personalized pics that will stand out your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts
  • creating unique images with inspirational, wise or funny quotes and sayings
  • designing greeting cards
  • signing your memorable photos
  • making memes
  • combining image and text and create exclusive wallpapers for your screen
  • adding quick notes and comments for any occasion
  • composing any other image that needs some stylish text on it

Fontmania iOS App Review, Let Your Photos Speak

First Impressions & Use
I’ve been a fan of Apalon Apps for quite some time and was excited to test out Fontmania. Apalon always has very strong, clean, easy-to-use apps and Fontmania was no different. When you first open the app, you are asked to allow the app to talk to your phone’s camera. Once you do, you have full access to your Camera Roll. From here, you can select a photo and then you will be given the option to crop it. Once you verify it’s the size you want,  you will be greeted by a set of tools that help you to alter your image. It’s very easy to insert text and clip art that is already included with the app. You can reposition and resize elements by simply pinching your fingers together and the sliding them around on the image. Within just a few minutes, I had this lovely little photo all touched up and ready to go!

Fontmania iOS App Review, Let Your Photos Speak

Fontmania may not be for everyone, but it can certainly spice up your photos with creative use of clip art and text. Sharing your creations is simple as you can send to many social networks as well as your camera roll. If you are looking to enhance your regular ole photos, then give Fontmania a try.

DOWNLOAD – Fontmania – $2.99 – iOS

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