iWerkz Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is a functional, portable and unique accessory for your mobile devices.

iWerkzFBK2iWerkz is a unique company that creates unique products. They are based in Edmond, Oklahoma, which is smack dab in the middle of the United States. iWerkz focuses on making products that they would use themselves. They work to keep their costs low so that they can sell their products for less. Today, we are going to take a look at their Folding Bluetooth Keyboard.

iWerkzFBK4The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard gives users the ease of typing with a full-sized keyboard with the convenience of mobile portability. It is built from plastic and aluminum and is extremely durable.One of the best features of the Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is its protective case. The case is made from hard plastic with a soft-touch feel to it. When not in use, the keyboard slides into it for safe keeping and travel. When the keyboard is in use, the protective case doubles as a stand for your mobile devices. There is a tablet stand opening in the center of it and an extending tab that adjusts for mobile phones of all sizes. This is a great added feature that I haven’t seen with other Bluetooth keyboards.

iWerkzFBK5Ease of pairing is something I look for with Bluetooth devices. There are so many devices that disappoint in this category because they take too long to pair or they don’t stay paired. The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard did not disappoint me. I found the pairing process to be quite easy. It utilizes a passkey option that you have to type in each time you connect to your device. I appreciate this function for security reasons.

iWerkzFBK6As far as power use goes, I’ve been very happy with the Folding Bluetooth Keyboard’s standby time. I used it for quite a while when I first got it and then put it away for about a week. I was able to pull it back out and immediately start using it because it still had a charge. The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard charges by use of the a micro end USB charging cable, which is included in the box. In about 4 hours, the battery is fully charged. Battery life of the keyboard is about 44 hours and there is an LED indicator light that will flash red when it’s close to dying.


iPhone 6 in a case on top of folded keyboard.

Something I have yet to discuss is the keyboard’s responsiveness. This is the most important aspect of Bluetooth keyboards to me. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with Bluetooth keyboards where they aren’t nearly as responsive as connected ones. They have sometimes even disconnected in the middle of me using them. I haven’t had that problem with the Folding Bluetooth Keyboard from iWerkz. It’s been very easy to use. The keys are soft and feel very much like a standard laptop computer’s keyboard. It’s been very comfortable to type on.

iWerkzFBK3The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology and is available in five different colors – purple, red, white, blue and black. Their regular retail price is $79.99, but they are currently available for $29.99 through Amazon. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems. For more information visit, mywerkz.com.