Focus 2 adds MILK Print Services to digital photography lens effect app.

Focus-1I continue to be amazed by the elegant software entering the marketplace for digital photography. I was recently reminded of the ‘old-fashioned’ way of taking photos when I came across my grandfather’s old 35mm Nikon. A wonderful piece of hardware, it helped me capture some fantastic memories and taught me the art of ‘in-camera’ effects with still photography. Now, I am opened to the same type of camera effects within digital photography apps like, Focus 2.

Focus 2 from MacPhun software brings lens effects to Mac users that help improve the creative beauty of digital photographs. Users can adjust photographs by adding depth, changing the tilt-shift effect and adding vividness to the color of the photographs being edited. The key features of Focus 2 include:

  • Professional presets for Portrait, Nature, Architecture, Macro and Tilt-Shift
  • Adjustable controls to add or remove lens blur
  • Custom Focus options to take your creativity even further
  • Advanced Vignette to emphasize focused objects
  • Face recognition in the Portrait mode
  • Vividness controls for boosting color

Focus-3To test out Focus 2, I took a photograph that I took at a local zoo of a pair of peacocks, which already had lovely color and vibrance because of the natural light and pigment of the animals. It wasn’t a photo I was looking into editing, but I thought for the purposes of testing that it would work beautifully with Focus 2. It has a busy background, which works nicely with the depth of field controls in Focus 2.

First, I used the Nature filter, which didn’t quite give me the results that I was looking for. So, I moved to the Macro filter, which puts more of an oval lens effect on the photograph. Then, I placed a vignette effect on it to pull the focus into the main subject – the animals. This filter also added some vibrance to the color of the animals. I wanted to enhance that a bit more so I pushed the saturation up some more. After this effect was placed onto the photograph, I was satisfied with the result. This entire process only took about 2 minutes. Focus 2 is easy to understand, efficient to use and creates elegant pieces of art.

Focus-4Recently Focus 2 released an update that included a new partnership with MILK Tailor Made Books, a brand of award-winning book publisher PQ Blackwell. This partnership will provide Focus 2 users with the ability to use MILK’s print services. The new “Order Prints” command allows users to create high quality postcards, folded notecards, framed gallery prints or wrapped canvas prints.
In addition to the print services available, edited photographs can be shared via Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Messages, Dropbox, Photoshop or just exporting to an image file.

The combination of ordering options from the MILK partnership and the quality product created from your imagination and Focus 2’s amazing filters is a match made in heaven. Focus 2 can be purchased through the Mac App Store for $9.99.

For more information on Focus 2 or any of the MacPhun apps, visit