I’ve always been a bit mischievous so I’m not sure if my quest for the ultimate remote was to simplify my life or to cause a bit of mischief. Whatever the reason may have been my quest is over. FLPR by new potato technologies has just replaced all the remotes in my house. I keep my iPhone with me at all times, so as I’m walking around my house I sometimes forget to grab the remote from the coffee table or the last chair I sat in. Well not anymore, now that I have discovered the FLPR device I can control all my TV’s, Bluray players, Xbox, etc. Easy setup with over 14,000 remote control codes that can control multiple devices like Televisions, Cable & Satellite boxes, DVRs, DVD & CD players, Receivers, Lights, Ceiling fans and lots more. This has to be the easiest universal remote of all times. No trying to find the model numbers or pointing two remotes at each other, and definitely no typing in long codes. After buying the FLPR I tried it out on everything in my house, then went to a local store to have a bit of fun with my iPhone and FLPR. First place I headed was electronics to turn off all the TV’s. As dumb as it sounds it was a blast to walk buy and see them all shut off. The next place I went was to get some lunch thats when I decided I did not want to watch the same game everyone else was watching, so thanks to my iPhone and FLPR I was able to watch something else. I don’t condone acting this way but I did think it was a little fun to see the confusion when the TV’s turned off or changed the channels. My real reason behind getting FLPR was because all the expensive universal remotes I’ve tried have not been able to work on all three TV’s in my home and unlike all of them the FLPR did it quickly and without any hassle. In my opinion its worth the $79.99.


  • Just download the app from the iTunes store link below.
  • insert your FLPR unit into the charger port of your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Open the FLPR app by touching the icon. The FLPR screen will rotate so that the the top of the screen faces the FLPR.
  • Point FLPR in the direction of the IR device you want to control.


  • Top the function bar at the top of the FLPR’s  screen and touch “Add.”
  • Select your type of device and tap “Next.”
  • Select the brand of your device and tap “Next.”
  • Choose a custom background skin for your device and select “Save.”
  • On the odd chance your device/model is not available you can create a “Custon Device”.

There’s one downfall to this remote and that’s the price. At $79.99 you really don’t want to lose this remote in the cushions of your couch. Check out the photos.

You can visit the developers website below to see more on FLPR and other products they make. Also the link to download the free FLPR app from iTunes app store.

Download the FLPR app here:

Find out more at newpotatotech.com