Flowboard Education is the ideal presentation software for educators.

When I was an education major, I ended up using PowerPoint a lot to explain lessons to my classes. It was a good tool as I remember having to also use an ‘old school’ overhead projector to show illustrations and write out homework assignments for my students. It’s such a shame that I wasn’t born a few years later and I could have used Flowboard Education for the iPad.

Flowboard-3Flowboard Education is the ideal presentation app for teachers, students and parents to utilize to maximize students’ educational experiences. Flowboard allows users to create amazing, creative presentations complete with images, text, videos, PDFs, links and photo galleries – everything an educator would use to teach a lesson thoroughly. Flowboard Education is an iPad-first presentation maker and not a desktop-turned-iPad designer. Since it’s designed for iPad, it’s intuitive and uses native gestures as a part of its program ecosystem.

Some of the main features of Flowboard Education include:

  • Adding photos and videos from your Albums, Events, Camera Roll or Photo Stream
  • Using content from popular cloud sources like Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Drive and YouTube
  • Snap guides
  • Locally saved presentations
  • Drafts saved to the cloud

Flowboard-2You can easily create and customize presentations right on your iPad. I was quite impressed with the amount of options you have with the presentations. To start, you are taken through a tutorial. The nice thing about that is the tutorial remains accessible by tapping the icon in the upper right-hand corner should you need a hand with how Flowboard works. Next, when you go to create a Flowboard, you are given an array of templates to choose from or you can start from scratch. The templates already have some information filled in, but allow you to modify every part of them. You can preview the template before loading it. Flowboard Education also gives you the opportunity to easily arrange your tiles (or slides), view the presentation, export the entire presentation as a PDF or Share your Flowboard with other Flowboard users. Plus Flowboard works offline and you can present straight from your iPad, through a projector or by using AirPlay.

Flowboard Education uses cloud-based storage and comes with 500MB per month free as an upload quota. You can however print and export your presentations for free with app purchase.

Flowboard-1I’ve used many forms of presentation apps throughout my life and I consider Flowboard Education to be one of the best options for educators. I can imagine carrying my iPad around a classroom while I’m talking about Romeo & Juliet. While talking, I’ve assembled a quick presentation to share with the class. This presentation includes a video clip from YouTube demonstrating the iambic pentameter rhythm within the lyrics of Shakespeare’s prose and I’ve also added diagrams of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. As I finish my lecture, I send the presentation via AirPlay to the class projector and illustrate my points about the actual stage production and not just a book the class is reading from. This sort of presentation creation wouldn’t be possible from behind a desk.

The point of presentation tools is to help students visualize the lesson being taught. Flowboard Education does just that. Flowboard Education was just released on August 15, 2014. It has an introductory price of $4.99 through September 1, 2014 when it will increase to its regular retail price of $9.99. As a marketing professional and a trained educator, I would recommend this education tool to any teacher, student or parent who has access to an iPad.

For more information, visit flowboard.com.

Flowboard Education

Flowboard Education

Flowboard Education

Flowboard Education