FLOTE Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad Review:

Put your tablet into Orbit.

FLOTE Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad Review 3I love my iPad. It’s an ice breaker, conversation starter, and a work horse all in one. I keep my trusted iPad with me almost everywhere I go, and you can bet that it’s sitting right next to my computer screen on my office desk as I work throughout the day.

There are many different types of stands and docks for the iPad and I’ve tried quite a few of them. Most of them I enjoy for a variety of different reasons, but last week I got the opportunity to use the FLOTE Orbit from floteyourtablet.com. It’s AMAZING!

FLOTE Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad Review 4The stand was designed to be ergonomically correct by floating your tablet wherever you wish and not causing you to strain in the process. Designer, Dave Cutler, wanted to find a cool, elegant hands-free option for using his iPad. Due to some health issues, he was unable to hold his iPad without suffering from neck, shoulder, arm and wrist discomfort. When he was unable to find a suitable stand option that matched both his needs and the high Apple design standards that would compliment the iPad, he created the FLOTE line of products. Because I, too, suffer from shoulder, neck, back and leg pain, I was intrigued by the design concept when I heard about it. It’s been a great help to me while working and I fell in love with it after the first hour of use. Check out the entertaining video from FLOTE as they explain how the idea first came about. It’s at the conclusion of this review.

FLOTE Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad Review 5Designed with precision-crafted, heavy duty all-metal components and a magnetic ball joint that enables you to orient your tablet in virtually any position, the FLOTE Orbit is a truly remarkable stand. It’s constructed with stainless steel and aluminum to ensure that it will last a lifetime. It measures 12.5 inches tall, which is perfect for it to be at eye-level when sitting on a desk. It’s ideal for creating a productive, efficient work environment. I have been able to switch back and forth between my Apple Display to my iPad without any stress or strain.

FLOTE Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad Review 6As I mentioned, part of the design includes a magnetic ball joint. At first, I was nervous about this design element because I wasn’t sure how well my iPad would be protected while using the FLOTE Orbit. My concern was that it would get knocked off or slip off the stand due to the magnet not being strong enough. Let me tell you that this is not the case. I believe that this is the strongest magnet I’ve ever used. I’ve tried several times to detect it from the stand and cannot make it budge. It’s a little like the sword in the stone – it must take a King Arthur to move it. This magnet, while strong, also allows the ball-joint to move and spin around with ease. In fact, the stand will rotate a full 360º smoothly. And, it’s easy enough to do with only one hand.

FLOTE Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad Review 7After finding satisfaction with the magnetic joint, my attention turned to the base of the stand. Would it be wide enough or heavy enough to keep the stand from flipping over while on a flat surface? I can equivocally say, “Yes,” to that question. Weighing in at 12.6 pounds, it’s defiantly got some weight to it. That weight keeps it in place. It’s much heavier than any other stand I’ve come in contact with and I feel completely secure that it will hold my iPad without faltering.

The cradle of the FLOTE Orbit is built to house virtually any tablet. Of course, my tablet of choice is the Apple iPad Air 2 and I can say that it fits beautifully. The designer of this stand wanted it to be versatile enough for anyone to use without any troubles. So, the cradle’s grips will expand to hold a tablet with or without a case. There is no special adapter needs and the rubber edges tips protect the tablet while it’s being gripped tightly.

FLOTE Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad Review 8The FLOTE Orbit was thoughtfully engineered to be simple, elegant and easily adjustable for any situation. It’s the best hands-free iPad stand I’ve had the pleasure of using. The FLOTE Orbit retails for $129.99 and is well-worth the cost.

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