FLOTE M2 Tablet Stand Review:

A totally new way to enjoy your tablet.

Photo_4Last month, we published a review on the FLOTE Orbit tablet stand. And today, we are excited to bring you the review of its big brother, the FLOTE M2 Stand.

The M2 Stand is a stand that is meant to be used while you lie in bed. This stand helps with the eternal problem that I like to call the iPad Face. It happens with your iPad meets your face because you fall asleep while holding it above you in bed. With the M2 Stand, you will experience no more bumps to the head, thanks to this adjustable floor stand by FLOTE.

Photo_1There are a lot of solutions out there for bed stand for tablets, but none of the ones I’ve used work quite as well as the M2 stand. I will admit that at first I was a bit skeptical. There are other solutions out there that don’t take up quite as much space or aren’t as heavy, but, as I just mentioned, they also don’t work as well. Like the Orbit stand, the FLOTE M2 stand is manufactured using high-grade aluminum and steel components. The solid steel is used for the base and the counterweight (found at the short end of the horizontal arm, which we call the “boom”). In addition there are some small plastic and rubber internal parts (where metal parts would otherwise touch).

Photo_2These quality parts and its design make this a standout piece of art that happens to function as an exceptional tablet stand. What makes FLOTE so elegant is how well each piece moves. It’s designed to articulate however you need your device to be positioned. This is thanks to the magnetic ball joint technology. The FLOTE tablet stands feature a unique magnetic joint that uses one of the most powerful magnets I’ve ever seen. Once you connect the magnet to the stand, you needn’t worry about it coming apart. Despite its strength, the magnet allows for the joint to move freely and adjusts your stand to virtually any viewing angle you wish.

Photo_7Even though this particular stand is made for use while in bed, I have also been using my FLOTE M2 stand in my living room as I sit in the recliner and in my home office. My only issue is that I don’t have one for each room of my house. Even though it works wonderfully in any room of the house, it is a bit too heavy to carry from room to room every night. Its permanent home remains the bedroom.

Photo_5I use the FLOTE M2 with my iPad Air 2. It fits beautifully. I do not have a case on my tablet, but my fiancé does and we didn’t have any problem mounting her iPad in the stand either. FLOTE M2’s tablet mount is made to work with most modern tablets and ereaders in the market today. Not only that, but it is also designed to work whether or not the owner keeps them in a cover or case. FLOTE does caution though that some military-grade cases may need to be removed.

Photo_3One of the things I really appreciate about the FLOTE stands is that it’s got style. The designers really put some thought into how it would look and made it with a clean and elegant design so that it complements any setting. You could use this in a corporate setting as easily as at home and it fits.

I really adore the FLOTE M2 Stand. It’s so wonderful not having my iPad slip out of my hands when I fall asleep at night and land square on my face – no more iPad Face. It’s also really nice knowing that this stand will last a really long time because of the quality design and parts pulled together to bring this stand to life.

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