A worthwhile investment for added security and coverage.

Flir FX Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure Review 3A couple of weeks ago we published a review on the Flir FX Camera. It is a WiFi enabled camera that doubles as an action camera. It takes high quality 1080P HD video and streams wirelessly to your mobile phone through the Flir app. This review is actually going to focus on one of its accessories the Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure.

You can use the Flir FX as a stationary camera, or you can detach it from its base and mount it into one of its many accessory mounts. The Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure allows you to turn the Flir FX into a full blown security camera. The mount itself comes equipped with drywall mounts and small screws. It looks pretty standard for a security camera mount. The really nice thing about it is that the mount is completely weatherproof. There is an interior seal that once you place the camera inside the mount, keeps the elements off of the camera body.

Flir FX Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure Review 4Installation was fairly simple. Flir includes some pretty good instructions with the kit and after I assembled the mount the first time, it was easier to replace the camera the next time I wanted to put it in the mount. There is a sunshade that goes over the enclosure. In order to complete the installation, you have to push it out of its lock. This can be a bit tough, but don’t worry – you aren’t going to break it.

Once you have the shade off, you can open up the assembly and slide the camera into the power strip. This connects it to the cable that connects to exterior power. The Flir FX can operate on battery power, but it does have to be periodically recharged. I can tell you that after having the Flir FX off its main base and plugged into the wall, it depleted its battery after about 2 hours of run time.

The Outdoor Housing has the added benefit of four high-powered IR LEDs. The mount also includes a temperature sensor like the interior base does. It does have a limit of 104º F for operating. Where we live, the summers get pretty hot and you would just need to be cautious about disassembling the Outdoor Assembly when the temperature became too extreme for it.

Flir FX Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure Review 5

While I was testing this unit, we experienced a summer thunderstorm. There was a large downpour and about an inch of water fell within 30 minutes. After the storm was over, I disassembled the unit to find out if the camera had gotten wet. It was completely bone dry on the inside of the case.


Flir FX Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure Review 6The quality of the video is very good. I placed the the camera in a place where I could see our sliding glass door. This is important because my fiance’s grandmother who lives with us likes to go out that door to tend to her garden. If she were to fall, we would be alerted by the motion sensor in the camera. So, for testing, I pointed it at that entrance point to the house. I did so at dusk so that I could test the light versus quality of picture. While the quality did degrade after it got dark, the night vision did help clarify the video feed and made the image quite clear. There was just some digital artifacts that showed up when the lighting dropped outside.

All in all the Outdoor Assembly is a worthwhile investment for the Flir FX. It’s a quality built product and it works really well with the Flir FX camera.

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