Flexible LED Work Light USB Product Review:

Bright USB-powered light makes work easier.

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Through most of my professional career, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to travel for some of my work. It’s been a great experience and taken me places that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see. It can be somewhat trying though when you have work to be done and you don’t have the correct environment to work in. For example, working on a plane can be difficult if you don’t have proper lighting, but fortunately, the wonderful designers at elago have come up with a crafty little solution – Flexible LED Work Light.

The Flexible LED Work Light sports a bright, USB powered light that allows you to work when you don’t have the light you need. Sometimes the backlight on your laptop just isn’t enough and it isn’t good for your eyes, either. So, the little light can help guide you through the dark.


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My first thoughts out of the box were how nice and compact this device is. Its USB cable is wrapped into a gooseneck style neck. When the neck is curled up, the light only takes up a space about 6” x 4”, but it extends to be 20 inches long. I was instantly impressed with this wonderful little worklight. It’s strong enough to produce the light I need to keep my eyes from feeling tired while staying out of the way of my keyboard.

As is indicated by the product description, this LED light is powered by USB. It is not chargeable and must be plugged in to work. I started by plugging in the light into my MacBook Pro. At first, I was a bit concerned about power drain, but after about 20 minutes of active use on my laptop, I noticed the battery had only dropped about 1%. Because it uses LED lights and they are rated to last about 50,000 hours with use, it stands to reason that it will continue to consume very little power.

Next, I thought, “If the light just has to be USB powered, couldn’t I plug it into a spare battery?” So, I grabbed one of my external battery packs and plugged it in. Low and behold, it lit up. So, that means you aren’t just confined to using it with your laptop, you can plug this little, power-lite LED work light into a battery pack and have light where every you need it.

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One thing that tripped me up at first was the power button. It’s located at the tip of the lamp and you barely tap it for the light to turn on. This got me at first because I thought the lamp would simply come on when it was plugged in.

I also ran into a small issue when I was testing. There was a point where I couldn’t get the lamp to turn on at all and thought that perhaps I had a poor wiring connection or a faulty unit. However, I quickly discovered that the issue was that the connection was loose between the lamp and the 3.5mm jack that it connects to. As it turns out, the developer made it so that the LED work light could be broken into several pieces for travel. But, if the connection isn’t good, you might experience what I did.

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The Flexible LED Work Light from elago is a wonderful addition to your accessory toolbox. I would recommend it to anyone who travels or who works in less than favorable work conditions with low lighting. It’s a powerful, flexible work light that will certainly help your workflow.

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