Important information in order to stay private online.

One cannot but agree that the Web today is far from being safe. Such forms of cybercrime as DoS attacks, phishing emails, cyberstalking, and many others have become a reality for Mac lovers all around the world. Prudent Internet users prefer up-to-date anti-virus software to avoid adverse effects of malware. However, anti-virus is not able to hide user’s sensitive data on the Internet. In that case, a trustworthy VPN comes to the rescue.

The market today offers a great choice of VPNs. Such providers as Hoxx VPN are free of charge, others are paid. But how to know exactly is a VPN worth using or not. Here is the list of factors a cautious Mac user should pay attention to:

  1. Clear Privacy Policy: The primary goal of a customer while using a VPN is to guard the most private data on the Internet. There’s hardly a person who wants to share his sensitive information with third-parties. However, what about a VPN? Is it possible for a provider to know his customer Internet activity? Unfortunately, in many cases the answer is positive. In this regard, it’s highly recommended to look for a reliable VPN that doesn’t keep any logs and won’t share it with any third-parties.
  2. Encryption: It’s immensely important to opt for a VPN with robust encryption and protocols. Today OpenVPN is considered to be one of the most reliable. It encrypts data by means of military-grade 256-bit encryption. This encryption method has proven itself as unhackable.
  3. Reliable customer service: The most prudent individual users prefer a VPN with reliable customer support. It’s recommended to choose a VPN with 24/7 customer support. Submitting a ticket or writing email may take several hours, that’s why a VPN that offers live chat is more reliable.
  4. Anonymous payment method: Today advanced VPN providers offer such anonymous payment methods as gift cards or cryptos. It’s also important to check if a VPN has a money-back guarantee. This is the greatest way to ensure that it’s possible to refuse to use a VPN in case of unsatisfying service.
  5. Amount of servers worldwide: The number of servers can become a deciding factor for those who are going to travel or live in a less populated country. A VPN with servers nearby that location will allow to gain fast connection speed or even unblock the desired content, which can be restricted in a country with strong Internet censorship.

A user-friendly interface, connection speeds, multi logins matter a lot as well. One should also make sure that a VPN runs well on Mac OS. All above-mentioned factors are important for those whose primary goal is to stay private online.

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