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Everyone takes notes. Some people prefer to do it the old-fashioned way using pen and paper while others call up their favorite note-taking app on their mobile phone to jot down a memory or reminder for a later date. Everyone needs some method to remember. We’re only human and there is only so much built-in memory in our brains. So, it’s only natural to write things down one way or another. Personally, I tend to pull up my Notes app or Stickies on my Mac. These methods while successful do have their downfalls though. First, I really want my notes to be in front of what I’m working on, but then gone from sight as soon as I make my chicken scratches. Both of my current options stay front and center. fortunately, Apptorium has a great solution for people like me — Five Notes.

Five Notes Mac App REVIEW

Five Notes is a Mac app that lives in your menu bar, which I love. It’s available when you need it, but carefully hidden away from plain view when you don’t — even if you are working in full-screen apps. Inside the preferences, you do have the option to keep Five Notes on top, but it’s never any larger than the menu bar pop-out. The utility is essentially a text editor that organizes your thoughts into five notes that are filtered by a designated color. There is basic support for Markdown formatting and includes headers, bold and italic text, quotes and lists. It’s perfect for the occasional short notes or simple text files you need to write out. The best part about it is that the app stores it all and you don’t have to save it out with special file names or anything like that.

Five Notes Mac App REVIEW

Because the concept of the app is so simple and the execution is clean and easy to use, my testing of Five Notes is actually pretty cut and dry.

Cut/Paste – The first test I did was to simply cut and paste some text from an article I was reading into a note. Because this is a text editor, you need to remember that you will only be able to copy text and not image or formatting. I was reading this article about a potential Tesla streaming music service and wanted to be sure to save one of the links that was included. So, I had to copy the link and paste it separately. While this is one extra step then you need to do with say, Notes for Mac because it will copy all the formatting as a rich text editor, being able to just call up the note from the menu bar made it worth the extra step.

Five Notes Mac App REVIEW

Typing – To test out just the note-taking feature, I opened a clean note and starting typing. I tried out the markdown formatting, which was a new experience for me. I find that it’s a unique way for Five Notes to support formatting. Markdown is typically used for HTML programming and Five Notes using it makes it easy to transfer any code over to HTML for easy formatting. It’s different and something that none HTML programmers will have to get used to, but I like that Apptorium developers took that into consideration when designing Five Notes.

Five Notes Mac App REVIEW

I really enjoy the simplicity of Five Notes and feel like it’s a good addition to my basic workflow. It works very well with another app I like to use, Paste. With Paste, any items you copy are saved up to a certain item count. It’s a good companion for Five Notes because I can call up any copied information and paste it into Five Notes for reference later. The only real thing I’d love to see with Five Notes is the addition of a way to export notes. Right now, the only option is the copy/paste the note into a document. You can’t even drag the note to a Mac desktop to create a clipping. I like that it’s self-contained, but should I have a note that needs to be a document, it would be great to export it to save.

DOWNLOAD – Five Notes – $4.99

For more information, visit apptorium.com/fivenotes.
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