Fitbit announces three new fitness wearables.

chargeFitbit, known for its fitness and activity trackers has announced the release of three new products – Fitbit Charge, Fitbit, ChargeHR, and Fitbit Surge. Both of the Charge bracelets share the same shape, form and function as previous models of Fitbit bracelets. The biggest addition to this product is its digital display. The data displayed includes caller ID data from a Bluetooth-paired smartphone and text messages, too. Charge offers a few additional fitness tracker features, too, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes and sleep. Workouts are monitored, too, through the Fitbit app. Charge does have a vibrating function as well. Charge will last approximately 1 week before it needs to be recharged. Charge retails for $130 and is available starting today through

chargehrThe other two additions to the Fitbit family – ChargeHR and Surge – are not yet available for sale, but Fitbit did give details about the products. The first, and probably most interesting feature of the ChargeHR is the heart rate monitor that is included with the bracelet. It’s a small optical heartbeat sensor on the bottom side of the bracelet. With this information, ChargeHR can better calculate calories burned throughout the day. Due to the inclusion of this sensor, the ChargeHR has a slightly lower battery life than the Charge requiring users to plug it in every 5 days. ChargeHR will be available for $150 in 2015.

Finally, we come to the Surge. Fibit Surge is a fitness watch and retails for $250. Surge has a 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope, compass, ambient light sensor and optical heartbeat sensor. Surge also comes equipped with a GPS radio so that a smartphone does not need to be carried with the Surge. Fitbit Surge will be available starting in 2015.

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