Onelink is a nice addition to rooms for children or the elderly.

I’m constantly looking for devices that work with HomeKit. I like the idea of the connected smart home and having one, central hub for it. Apple has done a great job, in my opinion, of creating this brain for smart homes. Recently, I’ve been intrigued by the safety items that First Alert offers as a part of the HomeKit ecosystem. One such device is Onelink, a WiFi environment monitor.

There are a lot of environment monitors in the marketplace. Technically speaking, a simple run-of-the-mill smoke detector with Carbon Monoxide monitor, is considered an environment monitor. Onelink takes that simple concept one step farther and adds a temperature and humidity monitor as well (NOTE: there is no smoke detector included with Onelink). Onelink is designed to be nearly invisible and low maintenance.

First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor with HomeKit REVIEW

The set-up is very easy. You download the app and then follow the set-up instructions included with it. While Onelink plugs into AC power, it also has a backup battery for the Carbon Monoxide detector to ensure that you are always protected. The Onelink app will notify you if the CO levels are in the dangerous range or if the temperature or humidity levels go beyond the limits you set. And because it’s connected to HomeKit, you can always ask Siri for a status update.

First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor with HomeKit REVIEW

We decided to setup the Onelink in my grandmother’s room (she lives with us) so that we could ensure the air quality in her room is stable. She suffers from COPD and closer monitoring of her environment is always a good idea. Since its setup, we’ve not had any issues with Onelink reporting or responding to a request from HomeKit. It has, without fail, told me the correct temperature in her room. It’s also very nice to be able to see, at a glance, the status of the air quality in her room. The Onelink includes and LED light ring in its design to indicate the environment status. The white, blue, or amber colors are showing the temperature levels, while the red color alerts users to an emergency CO level. In addition to the app notifying the user on their phone about CO danger, Onelink sounds an alarm in the home to alert people in the area that the air is not safe.

First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor with HomeKit REVIEW

While I appreciate the ease of use and function of the Onelink, I feel that there are a lot of similar products (not HomeKit enabled) that do essentially the same thing for far less cost. I get the same features and functionality from other HomeKit devices in my home without having to pay a premium price for such a small device. It’s not a bad product, but I just feel that the higher cost outweighs the device’s function.

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