Amazing coffee with a great background story.

I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur, but I do enjoy a high-quality coffee. Earlier this year, I even started grinding coffee beans rather than just buying pre-ground coffee. If you didn’t think there was a difference, you would be wrong. I’ve tried my hand at brewing coffee the standard way, as a single serving drip, using a French Press, and even roasting beans in a super-elite coffee maker. I’m always eager to try out new coffee brands and with that in mind, I was very excited to try Fire Department Coffee. 

It’s a company that is veteran-owned and based in Rockford, Illinois. Fire Department Coffee was founded in 2016 by Luke Schneider, a full-time firefighter/paramedic, and a U.S. Navy veteran. The company’s formation was inspired by the role that coffee plays in helping firefighters stay alert. Fire Dept. Coffee is still run by active and retired firefighters. In addition to employing firefighters, 10% of the net proceeds go back to helping first responders. 

Fire Department Coffee

Aside from really loving the opportunity to support a company with such a rich background, I was really excited to try out the different flavors of their coffee. They have standard coffees, but they also have spirit-infused coffee as well. I’ve tried that style of coffee before and it’s not my cup of tea so I stayed to the standard flavors when selecting my choices to trial. 

I was immediately drawn to the Double Chocolate Donut Coffee. Here is the description of it from the website: 

If you can never get enough chocolate, this is the coffee for you. The taste is unmistakable in our Double Chocolate Donut Coffee. It’s a rich, delicious, medium roast that is bursting with natural chocolate flavor. With beans sourced from Central and South America, you’ll also enjoy an exceptional aroma that lets you know you’re about to indulge in the perfect blend of chocolate and coffee.

Fire Department Coffee

Many years ago, I tried a Folger’s flavored coffee that was infused with chocolate flavoring. I fell in love with that flavor, but haven’t been able to find it or a comparable coffee flavor since. So, I was thrilled to find it with Fire Dept. Coffee. One of the things I really like about ordering from Fire Dept. Coffee is that you can select ground or whole bean with any flavor. For the Double Chocolate Donut Coffee, I chose the ground version. My favorite way to brew coffee these days is using a French Press. I have to say that I haven’t enjoyed home-brewed coffee like the Double Chocolate Donut Coffee in…ever. It is 100% my new favorite flavor of the coffee. It’s rich, but not overpowering and it’s mild enough that I don’t have to add too much creamer. 

The other flavor I chose was Sumatra Coffee. 

This full-body Sumatra coffee gives some of the smoothest chocolate notes and earthy undertones. Its taste is vibrant and has naturally low acidity while delivering a delightful aroma that will leave you wanting just one more cup.

Fire Department Coffee

I’m not usually into ‘full-bodied’ coffees and prefer milder blends, but since I saw that “smoothest chocolate notes” were part of the description, I thought I would give it a try. I was not sorry. I got the whole bean version with this flavor. It is certainly darker than other roasts I usually get. The coffee appears nearly black in color when it is brewed. I made this coffee in two different ways – French Press and single serve (through a Keurig maker).  Even though it is very stout, it is also smooth. I was very impressed with how strong it is. My fiancé’s grandmother is also a coffee-lover and she prefers stronger brews. She, unfortunately, doesn’t have a strong sense of taste anymore because she went through throat and neck cancer many years ago. That ended up reducing her sense of taste. Therefore, stronger coffees are easier for her to enjoy. We usually just get Colombian flavor for her, but I started giving her the Sumatra blend. She loves it. She said, “Ooh, that’s strong!” 

Fire Department Coffee

So far, our family has been very impressed with the coffees we got from Fire Dept. Coffee. You have the option of ordering coffee as a one-time purchase or as a subscription with several options for delivery frequency (14 days, 21 days, 30 days, 60 days). In addition to those options, you can also join the Coffee of the Month Club. I’m eager to place a new order and try different flavors. The pricing of the coffee is a little higher than standard store-bought coffee but similar to premium brews. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the premium price. The coffee is fresh and tastes amazing. 

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