FilePane makes computer workflow more efficient.

In this fast-paced world, people are constantly trying to get things done better and faster. Unfortunately, sometimes you lose one when you have the other. That is not the case with FilePane.

FilePane is a file management utility for Mac that allows users to complete a wide variety of file shortcut functions by dragging and dropping the file into FilePane. Here’s how it works.

Select a file – it could be a text file, image, video, etc. Then, begin dragging it across the screen. A ‘drop’ panel will appear. Simply pull the file onto the drop panel and use the shortcuts available for the file type. There are four kinds of panels available (depending on the type of file):

  1. Image files
  2. Text documents
  3. Multiple selection of files
  4. Other files and folders

Each panel type has its own set of actions.  resize images, set Desktop picture, show file size, copy file’s path to clipboard, move file, mail file, airDrop file, or share on Twitter/Facebook, etc.


I am impressed by FilePane’s simplicity and elegance. It’s one of those apps that I didn’t know I needed until I had it installed. My workflow has improved quite a bit since I started using FilePane. I no longer have to take the extra steps it takes to say, email an image to a client or open up airDrop just to send a file. FilePane takes those extraneous steps out of the picture.

MultipleFiles_ActionsI also love the design of it. There are two main parts to FilePane – the drop panel and then the options for the file. The drop panel’s design is just a simple “drop here” prompt that doesn’t block anything on the screen or otherwise interrupt your work flow. The file option window that appears is a simple set of icons that are recognizable to any Mac user. Again, this design was meant to be clean and stylish, but not block valuable screen real estate.


This app is definitely a must have for any user that needs to get something done quickly. I enjoy the convenience that FilePane provides with the many file management options. It’s great to be able to drag any type of file or even folder onto FilePane and be able to do easy tasks like resizing images or emailing a proof to a client.

FilePane is currently on version 1.1 and can be purchased through the Mac App Store for $4.99. For more information on FilePane and its developer, MyMixApps, visit






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