Ignite Arousal, Awaken Desire.

I have been a huge fan of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for  a very long time. It has been one of my goals to attend CES, a goal that I was able to attain this year. This past January, my friends and I boarded an airplane, for a few of them it was their first time flying, and we headed west to Las Vegas, NV. As a family physician, a father of 3 and a tech lover, CES was an amazing experience. I went to experience the atmosphere, to talk with tech companies and largely to see new and upcoming medical technologies. The wearable market is expanding, the personal health/sensor market is expanding. Health and tech, and their union truly excites the scientist in me. While at CES 2016, Showstoppers event, I was able to meet Mrs. Lesa Musatto CCO and Dr. Leah Millheiser MD, CSO.

The team from Nuelle, Inc. had a table, which seemed to be generating a lot of buzz. I was curious, I approached and saw the product, an arousal aid for women. Honestly, there were a lot of immature people that walked by, said inappropriate things out loud and under their breath. The most common statement, “Oh it’s a Vibrator.” To which the very professional team would try to educate the individual. Personally, this was the type of device that drew me to CES, a merger of tech and health science. I was able to talk with Dr. Millheiser OBGYN, both about this device and about the Nuelle™ Inc. company.

Fiera Arouser For Her REVIEW Fiera Arouser For Her REVIEW

One of the hardest topics for patients to discuss is sexual health. This is true of both genders. I have found that for men, erectile health and libido tend to be what we call door knob conversations. That is, these come up as we are saying goodbyes, our hand is on the doorknob and the patient says “Oh Doctor, One more thing…” Unfortunately, women tend to be less vocal about these problems, but will open up if asked by their health care professional. This is a weakness of the profession, as these ladies are often not asked. I am not certain as to why this information is not initiated by the female patients. This could be that they are either too shy, gender difference between patient and provider, they may think there is nothing that can be done, or are less concerned with sexual health. When asked, my female patients also have concerns with libido, dryness and relationship fatigue.

Fiera Arouser For Her REVIEW

Nuelle Inc. brings to the market their Fiera device. This device and company are doctor founded, and doctor driven, with a mission for “sexual wellness and intimate care,” specifically for women. At CES 2016, I had the luxury of learning about the scientifically proven arousal/enhancement platform for couples. Data were presented from a study by Dr. Irwin Goldstein,   MD, Sue Goldstein BA, CCRC, and Leah Millheiser, MD involving 12 sexually active, post menopausal women (up to age 70 and no period for 1 year). There were some criteria that were used that prevented women from being included in the study: pain with intercourse, genital infection, obesity, depression, urinary tract infection within 4 weeks of the study and a few other criteria. The aim of the study was to show increased blood supply to the genitals as seen by temperature change and swelling. They used thermography (heat monitoring) to show significant increase in heat around the vulva, suggesting increased blood supply. They used questionnaire assessment “I felt in the mood for sexual activity during or after use of the product?” and showed 58% of women reported Strongly Agree, 17% somewhat agree, 25% agree. Question 2 “How long after initiation of product use did sexual arousal occur?” Two out of twelve reported not becoming aroused during the session. Eight of the Twelve reported it took 15 minutes and four of the twelve stopped early due to orgasm. There were no adverse events. Using a mixture of vibration and suction, the Fiera seemed to increase temperature of the vulva, lubrication and arousal. With any study, there will be limitations and you need to use caution with how you use this information. With a patient size of 12 and with the listed limitations, one needs to question whether a study can truly apply to you.

Fiera Arouser For Her REVIEWThe product is shipped in a 4 1/4″ cube with a surrounding slip cover. The front panel shows “Fiera AROUSER FOR HER,” the side panel “Ignite Arousal” and a paragraph detailing being able to anticipate and embrace those intimate moments, the other side panel detailing “awaken desire” and a paragraph about getting in the mood and sparking your passion for better intimacy. The back panel shows a small image of the device, a paragraph about the benefits of Fiera and suggests hands free function, rechargeable and safe. Remove the slip cover, and lift the lid of the box. You are introduced to the Fiera device. The top of the device has a mode button and an intensity button. Turning the device over, you can see the vibrating cylinders and also note that the Sofsense Ring is not installed. You also see the charging portion of the device. Lifting the bottom of the box, you find the magnetic charger/A type wall plug, 2 different Sofsense rings, a quick start guide, a user guide and a very elegant magenta colored drawstring bag for discrete carry and use. There are no markings on the bag.

The quick user manual shows you just about everything that one could   need for this device. You are instructed in proper charging options, how to attach the SofSense Ring. Once installed on the Fiera, you need water or a water based lubricant to produce the seal with the Clitoris region. On the bottom of the Fiera is the white power button. Press the button and note an LED will turn on just above this. Green LED=Charged, Solid Red=Needs Charge, Blinking Red=Over-Heated. Step 4 shows the appropriate placement of the device, with the ring tucked under the Labia Majora and around the Clitoris. Press down on the device to create a good seal. When suction begins, you will notice a flashing purple LED. When suction is obtained you will notice this should hold firmly to you and then the LED will be solid purple. To turn off, remove from the body and hold the power button for 2 seconds and the light will turn off. Remove the Sofsense ring and wash with soap/water gently. Do not submerge, wipe clean and allow to dry. It is now ready for the next use.

Fiera Arouser For Her REVIEWTo charge the device, plug the type A prong into the wall outlet and then attach the magnetic charging end to the underside of the Fiera. The Fiera cannot work while charging. It is important to read the manual on this device. It clearly states that it may take 3-4x of use before proper use, proper fit are realized. Using a mirror to visualize placement may also be of assistance. It has an auto-off function (this is actually funny that this device has an auto-off feature, we should just start with that), if it does not obtain a good seal within 1 minute. Women will typically wear this for 5-15 minutes and has been shown to improve arousal, lubrication and to promote couple interaction. The idea is to use the device, promote sexual arousal, remove the device and have a fulfilling sexual encounter with your partner. It is hands free once the suction has been achieved. However, if you move around, you may choose to hold the device, in place, with one hand. There are various levels of intensity. If used on highest setting >10minutes, the device may overheat and you will see the blinking red LED. It will take about 5 minutes to cool down and then you can return to using the device. If there is pain, if there is discomfort, stop using the device. If pregnant or you have medical problems, open skin, infection consult with your doctor. This is designed to be used by 1 person and should not be shared.

There are many instructional videos on fiera.com. These are well done and very professional, demonstrating appropriate application, and providing information about the product. The website has a wonderful FAQ section. This is not a vibrator and is designed to help solve a medical problem. This has been studied and is supported by scientific data: “87% of women felt in the mood, 83% enjoyed engaging in sex, 75% felt excited and ready for sex, 67% felt increased lubrication. This is not a sex toy and is not designed to generate an orgasm. Rather it is a couples device, used to stimulate desire and vaginal lubrication and thus promoting and enhancing sex. I really like that I have a scientifically backed device to offer to my female patients. The pamphlet is well made, the product does what it says. Being male, I have not personally tested this. My wife did not feel comfortable testing the device, knowing that I would be providing a review. However she states that this device looks quite fun. I really appreciate the team at Nuelle and their goal is amazing. I encourage you to look at fiera.com to learn more about this device. I will continue to try to get a testimonial. Until then, check out their site, read their materials and the blogs.

For more information, visit fiera.com.
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