Portable speaker provides easy connection but has sound quality issues.

I am a big fan of portable speakers. Ever since I discovered wireless speakers, I have loved using them. They just make listening to music or amplifying sound so much easier than wiring up a set of computer speakers. But, even Bluetooth speakers have their drawbacks. Sometimes connecting can be a hassle or connections get lost. So, when I found the Febite Magic Portable Speaker, I thought it might be a great alternative option.

The Febite Magic Portable Speaker isn’t magic, but it certainly seems that way when you first start using it. The speaker uses a near field audio technology, which works by induction. This is similar to wireless charging devices in that you only have to place your phone in the cradle of the dock for strong amplificatoin of your phone’s audio. The only real requirement for this to work, is that both devices – the phone and the speaker – have an external speaker. Even though this technology is a few years old, the ‘magic’ of the amplification is still a bit unknown. When I got this speaker, I started researching the tech and found very little online. It seems to work mostly through vibrations.

Febite Magic Portable Speaker REVIEW

Now that I’ve covered the technology behind the Magic speaker, let me tell you about my experience.

There is very little required in terms of set-up. You pull the speaker out of the box, make sure it has power (it’s rechargeable), and then turn it on. Then, you take your phone and turn on an audio source (I used Pandora, Netflix, and Safari) and then place the phone on the stand. My suggestion is to make sure the volume is turned down low on your phone. The speaker pushes out a lot of sound and there is a lot of added volume to your phone’s volume. If you place your phone on the stand in the center, you will get the best quality and the most volume. If you push it off to one side or the other, the volume decreases. It’s an alternative way to control the volume level on your phone without touching the controls.

When I first started using the speaker, I was in awe of the ‘magic’ component. Being able to set my phone on the stand and have a speaker without having to plug anything in is truly amazing. But, the longer I played music or video through it, the worst the quality of the sound got. It actually started sounding a lot like a worn out Drive-in speaker. I could still hear the audio, but it wasn’t very crisp. Another little issue I had was with the push button on the front. One time I pressed it in, it popped back out at an angle. I was able to adjust it so that it works, but that was a bit disconcerting since this was a new speaker and I’d only been using it for about an hour at that time.

Febite Magic Portable Speaker REVIEW

Overall, the Febite Magic Portable Speaker is a fun accessory for your mobile phone. It doesn’t take up much space and it eliminates cable clutter. It’s a very sturdy stand for your phone, but as far as audio quality, it could be better. If you are looking for a simple speaker to amplify your audio, but aren’t very concerned about the quality, this is a nice option for you.