FeaturePoints lets users earn money and rewards for trying out apps.

We all like to earn free stuff, right? There are literally hundreds of rewards clubs available and now they even exist on your mobile phone. FeaturePoints is an app that allows users to earn rewards points for trying out free apps and then exchange those points for things like Amazon credit, Starbucks gift cards or other pay-for apps. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here’s how it works.

FeaturePointsThe app developer seeks out other app developers who want to show off their free apps. These developers pay FeaturePoints to have their app featured within the FeaturePoints. Users of FeaturePoints build up points for each app they try and because all the apps are free, the only thing it costs the user is their time. There is also a feature that allows a user to earn points for sharing the app with their friends. Any time a friend earns points, the initial user earns half of the points.

I’ve been using FeaturePoints for some time now and can say definitively that it does work. I’ve even kept some of the apps I’ve downloaded. Most of the apps are games, but every once in a while there is a productivity app or a travel app that is interesting. I currently have 1,200 points built up. I could exchange it for $2 in Amazon credit, but would much rather wait until I’ve hit 3,000 points and can get a $3 Starbucks Gift Card. I’ve done that exchange before and I can say that process is very simple. If you have the Starbucks app, the card immediately gets loaded into the app as a credit.

If you’re looking for a way to earn rewards from downloading apps, then give FeaturePoints a try. To get started with FeaturePoints, click here from your iPhone or iPad. Then, start downloading.