A fun, addictive matching game for Family Guy fans.

I tend to use my iOS devices for work and productivity-oriented tasks. I have downloaded and played the occasional game, but I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘gamer’ per se. In addition to liking technology, I thoroughly enjoy the TV show, Family Guy. So, when I found Family Guy – Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, I decided I had to try it out.

Family Guy Another Freakin' Mobile Game REVIEW Family Guy Another Freakin' Mobile Game REVIEW

This game is a matching-style game. It’s very similar to Candy Crush in that you have to match three or more of the same item together on a board in order to win points. Even though the structure of the game isn’t uncommon, I feel as though Jam City, the developer behind Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, really did a good job by creating a unique story line to go along with it. When you start the game, you are met with Family Guy’s patriarch, Peter. He has decided to start a drinking truck (like a food truck, but with alcohol) and serve people through a mobile bar. When you start a level, you are given three customers and you have to fill their drink order. The drink order is filled by matching the correct bottles on the board. In addition to this, you will find that certain characters have special boards. Quagmire’s board, for example, has condoms that you uncover when you match up bottles of drinks and Meg’s board has makeup that is uncovered.

I found this to be a very creative, addictive game. The more you play it, the more Family Guy oriented it becomes. I really like all the ‘little’ details that the developers included. For example, when you are serving someone underage — Meg, Stewie, and Chris — their orders are not alcoholic. Stewie’s drink is a small blue sippy cup and Chris’s order is a chocolate truffle. The bosses you come across are adversaries of Peter in the TV show like Jerome (he is the owner of the Drunken Clam in the show) and the Giant Chicken.

Family Guy Another Freakin' Mobile Game REVIEW Family Guy Another Freakin' Mobile Game REVIEW Family Guy Another Freakin' Mobile Game REVIEW

Some of the game features include:

  • LET’S PLAY WITH MATCHES – Match, swap, and play 160 challenging levels featuring your favorite characters and hilarious moments from the show.
  • ENDLESS FODDER FOR FANS – Classic storylines from Family Guy with all-new antics updated regularly.
  • FOUR GAME MODES – Fill drinks for Peter, Collect condoms for Quagmire, Uncover make up for Meg, and more!
  • BOOSTERS – Make epic matches using boosters like the Kitty Crossbow, Space Displacer, and Bullet Breaker.
  • LIMITED-TIME QUESTS – Earn collectibles that can be used to unlock iconic character costumes, coins, boosters, Family Guy storylines, and more.
  • HEAD-TO-HEAD – Battle the Giant Chicken, Jerome, and other characters in epic boss battles.

Like I said, I don’t typically find myself playing lots of iOS games, but Family Guy Another Freakin’ Mobile Game has brought me hours of enjoyment. I haven’t really found myself getting bored with it yet and it gets more and more challenging as the game progresses. If you like Family Guy or matching games, you will truly get a kick out of this game.

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