Interlocking dividers keep your piles of clothes and papers organized.

EZSTAX Organizer Review 4I’ve spent the vast majority of my life organizing piles. Whether it be piles of paperwork, or piles of clothes, there just always seem to be piles. Once upon a time, I put away some piles that my mom was working on and she couldn’t find anything. She told me that even though there were piles, she knew where everything was. The biggest problem with piles is that they fall over. So, how can you combat that? Try using EZSTAX.

EZSTAX is a new product – just launched with Kickstarter in June – that is design to help people stay organized – even with their piles. The product designers recognized that stacking and creating piles is something people naturally do to try and stay organized so they designed EZSTAX to assist with keeping those piles stationary and straight. The product consists of interlocking dividers made from plastic. Not only does it help you keep paperwork and clothes straight, but it helps you be able to pull items out from the middle of the pile, too.

EZSTAX Organizer Review 2EZSTAX just finished up a Kickstarter campaign successfully and will be launching the products in October, but I was fortunate enough to get a prototype set for reviewing. I’ve mostly been using these at work as I tend to have a lot of paperwork piled up on my desk. Even though I live with these piles, I like to end the day and start the day with a clean desk. So, at the end of my work day, I will clear my desk of clutter and using EZSTAX has made life so much easier. I simply start my pile on top of one of the dividers and then stack them together at the end of the day. Then, the next day, I am able to unstack them as needed. It really has helped keep my paperwork much more organized.

EZSTAX Organizer Review 3

The set of EZSTAX I had are a bit more lightweight than the final product will be so I chose not to use them with clothing. I don’t feel like this set would hold up under the weight of most shirts in our house.

This reviewer is very happy with EZSTAX and can recommend them for those who have their lives taken over by piles of stuff.

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