singlecue Gen 2 offers one-of-a-kind home experience with the wave of a finger

eyeSight Technologies, a leading innovation company dedicated to delivering computer vision, deep learning and gesture recognition solutions to everyday homes, today announces the availability of singlecue Gen 2.

We just received a unit for review and it looks really cool. We haven’t completed our testing yet, but you could expect to see the review within the next week or so. The press information is for the release is listed below.

Designed as a simple solution to controlling home devices through gestures, the new generation of singlecue introduces more intuitive control and creates an upgraded connected home experience that effortlessly reacts to a user’s gestures.

singlecue seamlessly adds gesture control interface to existing devices, including TVs, media streamers, sound systems and lighting. This eliminates the need for multiple device controllers and gives users instant control of several connected home devices and entertainment systems with one single motion, the wave of a finger. In addition to a new interface that reduces complexity and boosts user experience, singlecue Gen 2 features an interactive set up tutorial and the ability to learn new devices. Through the device’s InfraRed (IR) learning capabilities, users can seamlessly expand the number of devices controlled with gesture in their home.

Currently singlecue Gen 2 is compatible with more than 1,200 brands and 100,000 devices, including Philips Hue, Apple TV and more. Additionally, over-the-air-updates are sent frequently to users, enabling access to new capabilities and more supported devices over time.

“singlecue Gen 2 is the ultimate connected home device for consumers seeking to upgrade their smart home experience with the excitement of gesture control. It complements existing home entertainment and smart devices to create a space that reacts to a user’s gestures instantly,” said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight Technologies. “I am thrilled to introduce singlecue Gen 2 to the world and show consumers the future of a connected home is available literally at their fingertips.”

When a user makes a gesture toward singlecue, sensors scan the field of view for motion, and advanced proprietary computer vision algorithms analyze and translate the gesture into actions. singlecue emits commands through Wi-Fi and IR to control devices in the home. singlecue Gen 2 uses three gestures, which involve natural, simple movements of the finger, to activate different functions:

  • Swipe – a single finger sweeping motion controls navigation between on screen functions
  • Click – the thumb and pointer finger create a brief pinch motion to select activities, activate devices and unlock singlecue
  • Shush – move finger to lips to mute and unmute sound on active devices

“Our initial goal with singlecue was to provide an effortless, yet almost magical way for users to integrate gesture-based control into their daily home lives, and overall we achieved that with our first product,” continued Shmuel. “Now, after significant research and observing what consumers crave with gesture control, singlecue Gen 2 offers an exciting, new experience that gives users instant control of their devices in the home. Our team is confident singlecue will not only enrich a user’s everyday experience and interactions, but do it all with ease.

singlecue Gen 2 retails for $149.

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