LastPass Premium and Families subscribers will be eligible for a 30-day trial of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN, the global market leader in consumer VPN services, today announced it has partnered with LogMeIn, a cloud leader empowering the work-from-anywhere era, to provide users of its market-leading password management solution, LastPass, with essential internet protection.  

As part of the partnership, all new and existing LastPass Premium and Families subscribers will receive a free 30-day trial of ExpressVPN’s award-winning service. This is the first time LastPass is offering a VPN solution to its personal customers. 

LastPass is an easy to use tool that helps millions of people around the world secure and organize their digital lives with password management and dark web monitoring. LastPass generates strong and unique passwords, and stores all passwords and sensitive information like credit cards and license numbers in a secure vault synced across all devices so you can access whenever and wherever you need them. 

ExpressVPN complements LastPass by helping its customers around the world secure their internet traffic and protect their daily online activity, no matter where they’re browsing. Users can take control of their online privacy and security by encrypting their internet traffic and guarding against hackers and prying eyes on public Wi-Fi hotspots such as those at airports, hotels, co-working spaces, and more. With ExpressVPN, LastPass customers can also browse and stream their favorite content safely anytime, anywhere. 

“Our users have made it clear to us that they value the privacy and security that a VPN offers, so we’re excited to partner with ExpressVPN to provide them with this added internet protection,” said Dan DeMichele, Vice President of Product Management, LastPass at LogMeIn. “We chose ExpressVPN because of their security, reliability, speed, and ease-of-use, and they share our passion and commitment to help consumers protect their online lives.”

This announcement underlines ExpressVPN’s status as the industry leader in consumer VPNs and is the latest example of how consumers and companies alike consider a VPN an essential security tool. ExpressVPN currently has partnerships in place with HP, Dynabook (formerly Toshiba), and more. 

“It’s fantastic to see consumers recognizing that a VPN is an essential part of their digital privacy and security toolset, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with LastPass to offer their customers that protection,” said Harold Li, vice president, ExpressVPN. “It’s extremely gratifying for us to be appointed as LastPass’ VPN of choice, and to see two leading consumer security brands work together to bring consumers a safe, reliable, and open internet experience.” 

To learn more about how LastPass customers can take advantage of this offering, see blog posts by LastPass and ExpressVPN.

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