A colorful and entertaining game.

I’m going to start by saying the coolest thing about this game is that it was made by two high school students. Not that there aren’t other cool things going on, but I have mad respect for those guys. But on to the actual app.

Expanding Circles iOS App REVIEW Expanding Circles iOS App REVIEW

Expanding circles is game built around mixing color pulses and timing. Each level has a number of colored squares that disappear once they are covered in their color, a feat achieved by timing color pulses to mix at exactly the right time. For example, you might have a cyan circle automatically pulsing, and you have to tap a magenta circle at exactly the right time to cover a blue square in the blue overlap of the two pulses. Once all squares are gone, the level is complete. You’re then given one to three stars, depending on how well you did (I mostly got one star at a time).

Expanding Circles iOS App REVIEW Expanding Circles iOS App REVIEW

It’s a pretty simple mechanic that can get insanely frustrating at times. Due to the timing of some of the automatic pulses, it can take a minute or more for the timing to be exactly right, so it takes a lot of waiting, watching the pulse patterns, and hoping you don’t miss getting the whole square by a tiny sliver. Some levels take intense focus, which makes it all the more jarring when the loudest ads ever autoplay once you clear them. The ads are the biggest drawback to this game. Now, I understand that free apps have ads, and I’m usually okay with them as long as they don’t interrupt gameplay, but ads with sound are an entirely different monster. I don’t even have the volume up on my phone. You can get rid of the ads by purchasing The Alphabet, which is an additional 26 levels.

All in all, Expanding Circles was a colorful and entertaining game. I daresay it’s a good time killer as long as you don’t have to pay attention to other things at the same time.

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