App provides a way for users to track revenue and expenses.

As an owner of a small business, I look for ways to keep things simple and inexpensive especially when it comes to business matters. For quite some time, I’ve been using a free invoicing system that has worked until recently when it the developer updated it to be a ‘paid’ application. I really like the program. It was easy to use and provided a database of paid/unpaid invoices. It was a good way to keep track of income and since I didn’t have that many outgoing invoices, it worked well. Since the app was updated, I’ve been searching for a replacement for that app and I stumbled upon Exactify.

Exactify is a mobile app designed for freelancers to easily create invoices and send them to customers. You have the ability to track project hours and add them to invoices as needed. Users can customize invoices and keep a grip on costs as well as revenues. Exactify provides insights for users about costs. Users can compare results year-to-year and/or on a quarterly basis.

Exactify iOS App REVIEW

When you first open the app, you will see the Exactify main screen that shows a running total of your income and expenses. This chart will show the previous year as well as the current year. I’m not sure what happens when you change to a new year. It’s possible that the records from 2 years ago are no longer available. This home screen chart is automatically populated from the information added to the revenue and costs tabs in the app.

You have the ability to customize certain things for your business like how the invoice looks. You can add a logo and customize the colors of the invoice, but you can’t change the fields that are included on the final invoice. For example, ‘chamber of commerce’ is one of the fields listed and you can leave it blank, but if you do, the field will still appear on the invoice. To me, this looks sloppy. I would love the opportunity to choose which fields actually appear on the finished invoice, but you don’t get that with this app.

Exactify iOS App REVIEW

In addition to not being able to truly customize everything on the invoice side of things, the app seems to be a bit unstable. Several times while I was entering data into the app, it would crash on me. Exactify does seem to save your progress to a certain point, but the fact is that the untimely crashes were frustrating. Another frustration I had was that it seemed like you had to go through a lot of steps in order to assemble an invoice. You will spend some time setting up the app. First, you will need to add in your company’s information under ‘Edit Profile’ in the ‘Main’ tab. Next, you will want to add your Customers and Sales items. Finally, you end up with the customize your invoice, which is where you will add your logo and change colors.

For me, invoicing is really the only thing I need this app for. Exactify also focuses on the cost aspect of a business, too. I would love it if there was a way to turn off that function of the app. In short, I feel that Exactify has a lot of substance for a mobile app. I also think that it’s a little complicated navigation-wise for a mobile app. I want to be able to go to one screen to enter all the information needed for the invoice and then tap ‘generate invoice.’ The way the app functions you go back and forth between screens in order to fill in all the information. It’s just awkward to me.

Exactify iOS App REVIEW

If you are looking for a simple invoicing app, I feel like Exactify is too much for that purpose. It has many more features that I didn’t need to use but others might be able to use it quite fluidly. The UI is very clean and the screens are easy to read, but I just think the functionality is somewhat clunky. If this were a free app with in-app purchases, I would be more likely to recommend it. As it is, Exactify is an advanced cost-revenue analysis tool.

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