A soft, durable hoodie – that is sustainable

We live in an interesting part of the country – the Midwest. Our weather can be 90º one day and 60º the next. We literally had 60-degree weather one week in March and then 2 inches of snow the next day. To say that the weather is unpredictable is an exaggeration. We often find ourselves in long-sleeves at night when we were sweating buckets during the day. That said, it’s really nice to have a wide assortment of clothing laying around. In our house, we love soft hoodies so when I found out about the hoodie that is made from recycled coffee grounds, we had to try it. 


The Evolution Hoodie is a sustainable UV protection hoodie. It’s made with Fair Wear® bluesign® 60% polyester, 40% recycled S-Cafe polyester, and each hoodie contains 3 cups of recycled coffee grounds and 10 recycled plastic bottles. It weighs 13 ounces and can be washed in a standard clothing washing machine. The Evolution Hoodie has over 20 features for everyday wear including a zippered kangaroo pocket that not only keeps your belongings safe, but it also keeps your hands warm. The hoodie has a water-repellent coating and it’s odor-resistant – thanks to the coffee grounds. The hoodie is designed to be worn on the go. Therefore, it’s made with microscopic pores which increase its surface area and ensure that the hoodie dries quickly. Since the hoodie has a double-sided zipper, it can also be used as a travel pillow. 


The hoodie is indeed quite soft and the color we chose — red/burgundy – is gorgeous. The hoodie seems to be made very well and it wears well. My fiance gets cold during the day and usually tosses a hoodie of some sort on. So, I handed this off to her to get her opinion, too. She said that it feels very much like a standard fleece hoodie. It’s smooth to the touch and it’s important to note that with it having a fleece feel, there is a likelihood that static electricity might get built up as you wear it. The 2XL size actually fits my fiance nicely. She did say that the sleeves felt a little long even though the seam of the shoulder was in the right place on her shoulder. She really likes the thumbholes and used them as she was typing one day. There seems to be plenty of room in the hood itself as my fiance was wearing a set of Apple AirPods Max when she slipped the Evolution Hoodie on. 

I would say the size runs pretty accurately. My fiance normally wears a 1X or 2X depending on the shirt style and the 2X fit her perfectly. The cloth did prove to be water-resistant, too. As she was working, my fiance spilled a bit of water on the sleeve. She said the water balled up and rolled right off the hoodie and onto her desk. There were a few loose droplets lingering on her arm and she just shook them off. The hoodie remained 100% dry. My fiance and I are both fans of coffee and sustainability. That is really what drew us into the hoodie. We loved the idea that this shirt could be made from elements that are usually disposed of in the trash. It’s really a great product and worth investing in. 


Even though I asked my fiance to take a look at the hoodie, I also tried it out. I thought it was plenty warm, but I didn’t overheat in it. Even though the retail price for this hoodie is around $90 (at the time of publishing), I think it’s well worth it. I also think this would make an excellent gift for Father’s Day.

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