Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence are pleased to announce their award-winning BOXING SENSOR is now available as a special two-pack version in the US at Apple.com and select Apple Stores.

Perfect for capturing and sharing your boxing workouts, the Everlast and PIQ BOXING SENSOR connects wirelessly to the Everlast and PIQ  app on your iPhone. Record and analyze performances details of your boxing or fitness cardio boxing workout sessions; including punch recognition, speed and G-force at impact.

The Everlast and PIQ  app provide unique insights to boxers of all levels, martial artists, and those leveraging sports like boxing and kickboxing for fitness, by seamlessly processing thousands of data points per second of workout performed. The app displays an in-depth dashboard that will allow you to track your games and get a complete picture of your training. Punch-type recognition, punch count, punch speed, punch force and punch retraction time all give you a better understanding of your performance: with Everlast andPIQ BOXING SENSOR you do not miss a beat.

At the end of your training, the app displays your Winning Factors, which are your key strengths on that particular day. They’re pinpointed on a graph so that you know exactly what to work on and strengthen during your next workout.

PIQ then tallies your score up to create a PIQScore which you can share with your friends and online community. Compare your score on the PIQ Leaderboard and see how you measure up to other boxers in your country and all over the world. Create GIFs of your skills to share on social media to promote your hard work. Everlast and PIQ BOXING SENSOR also integrate with Apple’s Health app on your iPhone.


  • EVERLAST and PIQ BOXING SENSOR tracks each type of punch thrown, giving you a detailed breakdown of punch count by type for all your workouts: shadow boxing, bag, mitt training and sparring
  • Punch analysis: for each type of punch thrown, EVERLAST and PIQ BOXING SENSOR breaks down the stats showing speed, impact and reaction time
  • EVERLAST and PIQ BOXING SENSOR  is not only great for fighters but will track and show calories burned during a cardio workout
  • EVERLAST and PIQ  App allows you to view precise analytics measured just for you. The coach-like information provides graphs and metrics to pack a stronger punch and enhance your boxing technique.


  • $179.95
  • Now Available in the US at Apple.com and Apple Stores

For more information, Apple.com.