Event Planner for iPad doesn’t let you miss details or deadlines for your event.

In my adult life, I have noticed that it is a tradition to give a newly engaged woman a wedding planner as a gift. This seems like an odd tradition to me since most women have had their wedding planned since they were young girls. I didn’t realize until my friends started getting engaged and planning their big days how many details were involved and just how important the timing was for every one of those details. The venue, the caterer, the reception site, the DJ, the photographer, the videographer – it can be overwhelming even for the most detail-oriented person. I quickly came to the realization that those silly wedding planners were essential to putting on the perfect event.

EventPlanner-1Even though they are important, weddings are not the only event that requires planning. Milestone birthdays, graduations, anniversaries – these are all types of events that require careful planning and execution. And while friends and family members may not think to gift you a planner for these special events, there are other options to assist you with planning. Event Planner for iPad is one of them.

Event Planner for iPad, by Createful LTD, is a great all-in-one event planner that travels with you on your Apple iPad. Createful LTD provides a simple, but elegantly executed app to help you design your ideal event. It includes several great features including:

  • EventPlanner-3Event countdown
  • Budget planner
  • Guest list
  • To-do list
  • Vendor list
  • Customizable seating chart
  • Scheduling organizer
  • Thank you list helper
  • Ability to export via email

When testing this app, I used my birthday as an example event and inserted some obligatory information to see how the app worked. I was highly impressed with Event Planner’s functionality. As I mentioned, it’s a simple interface and very easy to understand. Once you start the app, you are taken to the dashboard, which is an overview of your entire event. You can customize this view via the settings and change things like Event Name, Event Date, app background and you can even hide certain fields if you will not be using them for your event.

EventPlanner-4I have played with several different event apps (desktop and mobile) and the thing that most impressed me about this one is the Seating Plans feature. When you enter this feature you select, “add a table,” and then choose if it’s a round, square, rectangular or one-sided table. Once you select the shape of your table, you are then given the choice of chair count at each table. And, you can name each table individually. This is a GREAT feature to include. Not only can you layout the room as you would like, you can also add your guests to the table from your guest list. The best part of this feature is that you can email the seating plan as an image.

Event Planner for iPad retails for $9.99 and is available in the iTunes App Store. While this is a full-version, there are also in-app purchases that allow users to manage more than one event at a time.

  • 1 Additional Plans = $2.99
  • 5 Additional Plans = $10.99
  • 10 Additional Plans = $17.99

Event Planner for iPad is an essential addition to any app collection. With this app, you would never have to worry about missed details or schedules with your important event.