Air Quality Monitor will have a $20 discount until April 6.

The Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor is scheduled to be offered at a discounted price through Best Buy starting March 24, 2019. The regular price for the Eve Room is $99.99, but during this special promotional period (3/24-4/6), the device will be available for $79 instead.

Eve Room is designed to monitor indoor climate and air quality and is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology. It features a high-contrast E-Ink display and anodized aluminum body with state-of-the-art sensor technology for durability and long-term accuracy.


  • Indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity sensors
  • Customizable high-contrast E-Ink display with anodized aluminum body
  • Precise measurements and historical data can be viewed via the Eve app
  • Micro-USB-rechargeable battery lasts 6 weeks or longer
  • Support for Siri and remote access via HomePod and Apple TV
  • Support for sensor-based automations of other HomeKit-enabled accessories
  • Fast and easy configuration thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology, no bridge required

Best Buy Promo – Eve Room Dates: 3/24 – 4/6Promotion: $20 off the original price ($99.99)

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