Update brings quicker access to HomeKit and improved customizations.

Today, Eve launched a new app update — Eve 4.3. The release offers loads of improvements for the newest members of the Eve family — Eve Cam and Eve Window Guard.

Touch & Hold

With Eve 4.3, touch and hold almost anywhere to unlock the power of context menus for a powerful boost in productivity:

  • At a Glance: quickly control an accessory, set a scene that it’s part of and view all accessory details.
  • Room Overview: instantly toggle all lights in a room and refine room settings in a snap.
  • Accessory Details & Types: jumping back and forth between individual accessories’ details and the overview by Types has never been easier.
  • Automation: quickly toggle Rules and set Scenes.

Did you know? You can select a command without lifting your finger. Touch, hold, and slide your finger to select a command. 

Quick Automation Access

Eve 4.3 introduces a new way to view and manage them: directly in the accessory’s details view. At the bottom of each accessory’s details, find a new “Automation” entry that lists all Rules and Scenes that this accessory is a part of. Users can touch and hold new entries, offering you a quick way to toggle Rules and set Scenes. Want to create a new Rule & Scene with a specific accessory? Simply tap “Add Rule” or “Add Scene” and you’ll automatically be in the right place.  As with every release, we’ve worked on all the small details that make Eve special. Just to name a few:

  • Home Colors: If you have more than one HomeKit Home, you know the pain: you often need to look twice when selecting and navigating it. With Eve 4.3, that becomes much easier: in addition to the already available custom icons, you can now assign a color to each Home in the General Settings – that color will not only be used in the Home Switcher, but also as a main color across the Eve app, making it so much easier to know which home you’re in.
  • More Icons: We’ve added a selection of icons to the app to better represent you devices, including new icons for lights and appliances.
  • Full support for Eve Window Guard: Now available in Germany, Eve Window Guard is a revolutionary contact sensor with break-in detection that slots unseen in your window frame. Eve 4.3 brings full support for Eve Window Guard, including Tilt Detection Calibration and Rule creation based on tampering attempts.
  • Improved support for Eve Cam: Just case you haven’t heard the news: we’re thrilled that Eve Cam starts shipping soon, and have further refined the experience in the Eve app. Since you can use Eve Cam as a fully featured motion sensor even when all video features are turned off (for example when you’re home), the At a Glance tile now displays the motion status when Eve Cam is in Detect Activity mode.

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