A wonderful kitchen gadget that keeps your food fresh.

EVAK Food Container Review 3One of the problems we constantly run into around our house is food spoiling. We try our best to package it in Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers, but inevitably, food still goes bad before we have the chance to use it. Scientifically speaking, it’s because elements in the air cause the food to lose its flavor as well as age quicker than if it were vacuum sealed. There are vacuum sealing devices for food storage, but they tend to be cumbersome and they just aren’t very easy to use. And, when you are trying to put dinner away, you just want to get it done quickly and efficiently. That’s where the EVAK Container comes in.

EVAK Food Container Review 4EVAK is made by a company called Prepara. They make all kinds of kitchen gadgets including this unique container that takes the air out to preserve your food longer and better. The EVAK Container is made from two main parts – a glass cylindrical container and a lid that holds its revolutionary valve system. That valve system is actually twin valves that automatically forces the air out of the container as you push the lid downward. Other glass containers with vacuum seals end up trapping the stale air inside. EVAK actually pushes the air out.

EVAK Food Container Review 5I had two of the mini EVAK Containers to test out. These tiny containers only hold about 6 ounces or 3/4 cup of food. It’s perfect for teas, spices, sugars, and any other small amount of food you want to store. I was very impressed with the build quality of these containers. They are made with very high quality materials and only stainless steel and glass actually touch the food. The handle is made from ABS with LFGB European grade silicone gaskets on the inside.

So how well does it work? Well, several years ago, I discovered a deep love of loose leaf teas. If you have ever purchased loose leaf tea, you know that while it keeps for quite a while, it does eventually goes bad. I typically store my tea in the bag it comes in, which isn’t the best for it because a lot of air gets into the tea. The flavor goes stale. I decided that putting my tea into one of these EVAK containers might be the best idea to keep it fresh.

EVAK Food Container Review 6I put some tea into one of the glass containers and then pushed the air out. I left it alone for a few days and found that it still had a nice fresh taste to it. I believe this is truly due to the fact I had it stored in the EVAK container.

The EVAK containers were launched as a part of a Kickstarter campaign and was a winner of a RED DOT award for Product Design. It’s a very cool product and something every kitchen should have.

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