The App Store has a vast selection in 2020. Whether you want something to pass the time, like 918Kiss, or something useful or innovative, the App Store has you covered. Selecting the best apps from the millions of options is tough, but we’ve made things easier for you by recommending the six best iPhone Apples to download in Fall 2020. 


If you’re looking for an exciting photo-editing app, try Inkwork. The app allows you to transform a picture into a sketch-based piece of art. One of its outstanding features is the sleek and polished interface. There are also a range of filters and the ability to change background and ink colours and stroke sizes. You can customize your virtual sketch with finer detail, and you don’t need to be connected to the internet to use the app.


An easy way to track numerous group chats, GroupMe is an excellent app for consolidating your social or work chats across the platform. You add people (with only their phone number), and they can start chatting without having to download the app. The app is convenient and easy to use. You name your groups, set avatars, and even save photos and videos within these group chats for future reference. There’s also a desktop version, allowing you to chat without holding your phone. 


If you’re having a hard time finding a soulmate, you can try Hinge. It is a dating app that uses an advanced learning process to understand what you’re looking for in a partner. Once it has a profile for you, it matches you to people that are most likely to meet your needs. The app seems effective—about 75% of users express interest in going on a second date with their Hinge match.

8mm Vintage Camera

An iPhone app can do anything, even help you shoot authentic retro films. The 8mm Vintage Camera transforms your regular iPhone videos into 1920 to 1970 versions that would make any film buff swoon. You can change lenses when shooting your videos to add effects, such as spotlights and color fringing. It also offers a jitter to mimic frame shakes. 8mm Vintage Camera allows you to edit existing videos or stitch together multiple videos. You can even add music and titles for a more professional outcome.

Spark Email

If you’re looking for an email organizing app, Spark Email is an excellent option. The sleek interface is impressive, and this app allows you to organize your email into sensible categories, like Personal, Notifications, or Newsletters. While it handles multiple email accounts well, it doesn’t combine categories like Outlook. However, the app is easy to configure with customizable swipe actions, and you can pin important items and snooze emails for later. 

Clash Royale

If 918Kiss games are no longer enthralling, Clash Royale might bolster the entertainment. The tower rush game allows you to play with people from across the globe in real-time to demolish opposing towers and capture the King Tower. If you have some time to kill, these are some of the essential iPhone apps in Fall 2020. Explore at your leisure and enjoy.