Have great coffee wherever you go.

One of the first times I found that I liked coffee was when my cousin gave me coffee made from a French Press. I remember it being a much smoother tasting coffee then what I had been given before. After that, I started enjoying coffee more. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to acquire a French Press of my own — until now. The Ultralight Travel Press from ESPRO makes it easy to not only enjoy your French Press coffee, but you can also take it with you when you are on the go.

The Ultralight Travel Press is the lightest 16oz vacuum-insulated, stainless steel French press bottle. It weighs only 7.4 ounces. The Ultralight features ESPRO’s double micro-filters, which are up to 12 times finer than common French Press filters are. This helps to eliminate coffee sludge. The empty bottle is the world’s lightest 16-ounce insulated bottle. Users can feel comfortable using it on the go because it’s ESPRO made airtight for travel purposes. The product is broken down into three main pieces — the leakproof lid, filter/press assembly, and the double-walled stainless steel bottle. It’s designed to keep its contents hot or cold for hours.

ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press REVIEW

User Experience

Since my experience with French Press coffee is somewhat limited, I had to follow the directions carefully for the Ultralight. I placed the coffee in the brewer and then I filled the bottle up with hot water from my electric kettle. You should then cover the brewer and wait 4 minutes before pressing with the filter assembly. After the allotted time has passed, you will insert the filter assembly and press your coffee. You can drink it right away or save it for a later time. While this process seems very straightforward, if you don’t have experience with French pressed coffee, you might get confused when you see the filter assembly. It looks a lot like a K-Cup adapter for a Keurig coffee pot. If you are trying to make your coffee without following the instructions, one might put the coffee in the filter instead of in the brewer. If you do this, you will end up with coffee that is not only brewed improperly, but it will also leave a lot of ground in your coffee cup. I’ve actually included a picture of what the top of the brewer will look like if you try to brew your coffee in this manner.

ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press REVIEW

If you, however, follow the instructions correctly, you will end up with a delightful coffee drink. It’s rich and full of flavor. I used some pretty standard Folgers flavored coffee and it was much better tasting than when I make it in a regular coffee pot. One of the things I was most taken with was the bottle itself. Because it’s double walled, it’s very easy to handle even when there is piping hot water inside. After I poured the water into the bottle, I was expecting the outside to be warm, but it stayed cool while the drink inside remained hot.

ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press REVIEW


I’ve really enjoyed using my ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press. It makes some wonderful coffee and it’s very easy to use and clean up after. I think my favorite thing about it is that it’s ready for travel. Sometimes coffee drinks, especially processes like French Press, are so hard to take with you when you are on the go. ESPRO has done a great job of making this compact, lightweight system that allows you to have great coffee wherever you go. ESPRO just concluded a very successful Kickstarter campaign and has plans to start selling it at Starbucks in May for $39.95.

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