The ESORUN Smart Car mount bearhugs your smartphone, keeping it safe and charged.

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CES 2018 has descended upon Las Vegas, Nevada with a whirlwind of tech, gadgets, and gizmos.  For the tech lovers, this is a veritable Nerdvanna.  While attending the Pepcom digital event at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, I happened upon a company ESORUN.  They were displaying their newest prototype device for a common problem, how do you mount your phone and keep it charged?  There are so many varieties of mount and Qi charging pads, some with manual gripping arms, charging capacity, device size limits, etc.  ESORUN brilliantly added a sensor to a wireless Qi charging phone mount to automatically open/close around your phone.

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The “Smart Car Mount with Single-handed operation” measures 118.3mm by 71.9mm by 20.3mm and weighs 101 grams.  The device is listed to be available in grey/blue/yellow/red/pink and has most of the features of standard car mounts.  This game-changing mount utilizes expandable elastic arm locks, an adjustable base stand, and a brush motor to mechanically open/close the elastic arm locks.  There is an infrared trigger along the base of the silicone surface pad, alerting the device that your phone is present.  Along the top of the mount, you will find a touch sensor/switch that unlocks the arms and releases your phone.  For total smartphone comfort, ESORUN lined the entire phone contacting surface with soft silicone.  For those who feel a naked phone is reasonable, the silicone backing should protect from scratches and damage.

During the ShellyPalmer breakfast on 1/9/18, Qi wireless systems were given a verbal nod as the winner of the wireless charging battle.  This mount utilizes Qi charging and supports 10W/7.5W/5W options, to allow charging for the latest generation of iPhones.  The main differentiating point between this mount and the other forgettable mounts is the electric brush motor, which is capable of 100,000 operations.  If you have ever dropped your phone while struggling with a car mount, if you work for Uber or Lyft and you have your phone car mounted regularly, it can be a pain having to manually open/close the arms on the mount.  ESORUN solved this problem with their Smart Car Mount.  With automatic triggering for locking and unlocking, this will likely replace most of the other varieties of car mount.  Watch for this device to be available through Amazon around May of 2018.  The working device demonstrated at the show, charged my iPhone X through a Catalyst Impact case, without issue.  I will be excited to test the product when it becomes available.

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