Epxid JoltDrive 2 Dual USB Car Charger is a fast charger that serves its purpose

Even though these devices seem pretty simple to deal with, I’ve had the worst luck with them. The last dual charger I had in my car was not doing it’s job. Anytime I would have two devices plugged in, they would stop charging. So, it’s in the trash now because I got a nice new dual USB car charger from Epxid.

The Epxid JoltDrive 2 Car charger came in a very nice eco-green packaging. Seeing as the packaging looks great, it would make for a good gift. The car charger itself is white with a rose gold color around the side. There are two other color options – Space Grey and Gold to match the iPhone color schemes. The dual USB ports are both capable of having a charging speed of up to 2.4 amps. Putting it in my car, the charger did not take up extra space, not did it stick out further than necessary. When plugged it it omits a blue glow, letting me know its connected and also allows for me to be able to plug in USB chargers at night.

Epxid JoltDrive 2 Dual USB Car Charger

The one thing that this USB charger has that I feel others fall short with is a charge that allows you to still use your device and significantly charge. I had my iPhone 6 Plus hooked up to it with iTunes music playing and was browsing through Safari and I was watching the battery life go up. Usually the battery just stays around the same number which doesn’t help if I’m close to having a dead phone on my hands. Hooking up my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 2 the charge stayed at maximum speed without any issues. Theres a piece of mind knowing it has a circuit design that provides safety from over-heating, over-charging, and going over-current. I’ve had a couple USB car chargers run hot, and this one did not even after being used for and hour with two devices plugged in.

Epxid JoltDrive 2 Dual USB Car Charger

On the back of the packaging the Epxid company has their phone number, email, and website listed. I like it when a company puts their contact information out there to welcome feedback on their products. There is also an 18 month full warranty on this product. That tells me that they’re dedicated to backing up the quality of their product. There is nothing that I don’t like about this charger. From a good warranty to the excellent charging capability, I will be using this USB charger to make sure my gear is ready to go after a commute.

To learn more, visit epxid.com/joltdrive-2
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