Exceptional over-ear headphones for travel.

Not too long ago, I took my first airplane trip. It was actually kind of a longer trip and as such, I had time for watching a movie and episodes of TV shows I had stored on my tablet. The unfortunate thing was that because of the cabin noise in the airplane (people, air handling, engines, etc.), I really wasn’t able to hear much of my movie. I eventually just turned it off because it was pointless to try and watch anything with all the extra noise. Until recently, I was contemplating not even trying to watch anything on my next flight, but then I found the ANC Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones by Eonfine.

These over-ear headphones are built to last. The headset itself is made from whole protein skin that is skin friendly and very breathable. The headband and earcup structure is a very high-quality plastic mixed with some aluminum elements. The ear cups are actually square in shape, which is a unique design feature as well as more comfortable than round ear cups, in my opinion. The headphones connect via Bluetooth 4.0. I have an iPhone 6s Plus and the connection was nearly instantaneous. Even after I had powered them down for the night, they automatically recognized my phone the next time I turned them on. This is something I really like because it takes the guesswork out of wireless headphones. The headphones are lightweight and foldable so that you can travel with them. The do not come with a carrying case but are still very compact. The EONFINE over-ear headphones also have a built-in microphone and optional auxiliary cable for low-battery connection to your phone or another music player.

Eonfine ANC Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones REVIEW

When I started testing these headphones, I was extremely impressed. I have many, many pairs and didn’t think that these would stand out, but then I listened to some music through them. When I connected my phone and turned on some music, I was completely impressed because my streaming music played flawlessly – no hesitation and the headphones never disconnected. The headphones provide a beautiful, crisp, deep sound and the rival much more expensive options. What was truly impressive to me was the ANC feature. It completely eliminated background noise. To test this out, I turned off my music and just listened to the ambient room noise. The A/C in our house is located in a service closet next to my office. When it kicked on, I could hear some gentle air handling noise in the background. I put on the headphones and that sound was dampened, but not complete extinguished. Then I flipped the ANC switch. All the existing ambient noise disappeared. The air handling noise was non-existent and I immediately knew that these would be ideal for as my air travel companion.

Eonfine ANC Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The Eonfine ANC Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones are a great listening companion for anyone who enjoys music or enhanced sound from any media. After my initial test, I found myself continuing to wear the headphones just so I had a superior listening experience over what I normally hear. These headphones are a really great option for anyone who travels or just needs to isolate themselves from the outside world.

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