Edit your creative masterpieces with an iOS work of art.

Enlight iPhoneography iOS App Review 3When it comes to quickly adding effects and doing small adjustments you can find no shortage of iOS apps. But, you might find is a shortage of really good ones. That’s why I would like to intoduce you to Enlight. It’s a wonderful app designed to give you some amazing photos with easy to use effects.

This revolutionary image editor has many different options for customizing your photos. Some of the features include:

  • Analog and Duo Filters
  • Black & White Photography
  • Decorative Touches
  • Photo Correction Tools
  • Photo Mixer

Enlight iPhoneography iOS App Review 4When I first installed the app, I thought that maybe it would be just like all the other ‘easy’ photo editing apps out there. I’m glad that I was proven wrong. It is sincerely the most user friendly experience I’ve gotten from a photo editing app. Truly, anyone can use it – and use it well. Within just a few moments, you can take an image and have it completely revised into a new piece of art. There are a lot brilliant features within Enlight that bring out the best in your photos.

There are many different presets, tools and filters to use and it’s an ultra-clean interface. Plus, it provides a very fast editing experience without compromising the elements available for the photographer. The main toolbar remains hidden along the side of the screen until you swipe your finger across the screen of the phone and revels it. When editing, you can add filters, text, or even draw onto your existing photo. Choosing different options can bring up submenus within the app depending on the level of detail you want to pursue.

Enlight iPhoneography iOS App Review 5

Final Edited Photo

While ForceTouch isn’t available on the iPhone (yet), the amount of your touch on the screen matters when editing your photos. You first apply a filter and then the app asks you to slide your finger to adjust the severity of the filter. Also, you can turn your photos into a collage.

Enlight really does a nice job of providing an easy to use, photo editing app for all types of users. The app is designed to work with both the iPhone and iPad, but there is no Apple Watch option for it.

For more information, visit http://www.enlightapp.com.

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