A must have for every vehicle.

enKo Jump Starter Power Bank and Voltage Monitor Review 3Have you ever gotten a product and figured that it would be handy in isolated situations? Well, Enko’s Car Jump Starter and Battery Voltage Monitor isn’t that kind of product.

I used the Voltage Monitor first. Have you ever had a dead battery or the lights dim in your car and that little voice in your head goes into panic mode? Well, that’s what this handy little device is for. It gives you a constant digital readout of the volts going through your car. You see it drops when you start your car and goes up when you drive because of the power circulating through the alternator. You get peace of mind especially in older cars. It’s actually very useful for all vehicles.

enKo Jump Starter Power Bank and Voltage Monitor Review 4Next, let’s take a look at the Car Jump Starter.

From the moment that I first opened Enko’s Car Jump Starter, I had a few preconceived notions about what to expect. I’ve carried a standard jump box in my car before for emergencies. And, I’m used to big and bulky battery packs. This is not that kind of jump starter. The actual battery is surprisingly small. It’s only about the size of a typical smart phone and only about as thick as two. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Since I just replaced the battery in my car, I disconnected it and hooked up the Jump Starter still thinking to myself that this couldn’t possibly work. It did – multiple times.

enKo Jump Starter Power Bank and Voltage Monitor Review 5I have a smaller car so I decided to try it out on multiple vehicles. It jumped mid and full size cars, trucks, a boat, and just to be sure I jumped a piece of heavy duty construction equipment. It did finally strain under the construction equipment, but it started and that counts for something in my book. It’s a definite must have in every vehicle.

enKo Jump Starter Power Bank and Voltage Monitor Review 6Something that sets Enko’s Jump Starter apart from the competition is its ability to charge everything in your life. It comes in a nice zip-up case that holds plugs of every shape and size for your smartphones, tablets, and other various devices. I actually haven’t found a device that I couldn’t charge with it.

After only a few days using Enko’s Jump Starter and the Battery Voltage monitor, I don’t see myself not using these frequently – if not every day. Never will I be stranded without a charge on my car’s battery or my phone, and that my friends is awesome.